Your guide to use the Law of Attraction for love

law of attraction love

Manifesting love effortlessly….

… in a 5 step process and attract the specific person for your new love. However, be advised that using the Law of Attraction is not mere wishful thinking or daydreaming, it needs work and asks for inspired action from your side! Some people have the wrong idea about the LOA, because of the movie „The Secret“ from 2006. While it is a very entertaining one, it misses the point where it talks about you doing something, you taking action and you changing your perception and radiation to the world. Click on one of the following links to directly skip to the part that interests you or follow the article to learn more about manifesting love in your life.





If you are ready to put in some work, and actually I wouldn´t call it work since it should be a pleasant thing to do and come naturally, you are in for a treat and some major changes in your life!

The law of Attraction love mainfesting methods work, that´s for sure!

It´s on you to follow the rules and apply them correctly to transform into being a part of a loving and caring relationship. It will be a natural process of manifesting love.

Since this article is a long one, so I seperated it into 4 parts (ABCD) plus a bonus. It also makes it more comfortable for people who are here for just one of the topics around the Law of Attraction love manifestation and don´t want to read all of it.

We start with a FAQ with the most asked questions when it comes to manifesting love and relationships with the law of attraction. The second and third part are the actual process first explained in words and then shown in detailed and easy to follow steps with suggestions for change you can quickly implement into your daily life.

The fourth part is for your Law of attraction love affirmations, mostly some you won´t find somewhere else. An advise to say things like „Have fun“ is not very useful so those provided go deeper and have a real practical usage. One that really works when applied correctly. It must make sense for you to believe it and a too generic approach won´t help as well. Affirmations are best when they are easy to repeat and instandly believable!

the secret love
However, lets start with the FAQ

A 12 Frequently asked questions about how to attract love with the law of attraction

  1. Does Law of Attraction work for love?

Yes! …but why? We attract what we most think of and if you think mostly of love and love-related feelings like cheerfulness, joy or even simple keeping a positive mindset it already attracts positive reactions which in return makes it easier for others to approach us, mentally, physically and spiritually.

  1. Can you manifest love with a specific person?

Focus on that person when you are practising the law of attraction. Think of how it would be being together with that person and how you would feel in that special moments you share. The feeling generates the vibration but it also subconsciously adjusts your behaviour towards that person making it less complicated to eventually get in touch and together. However, sometimes other person isn´t ready at this point in time, so be patient while doing it.

  1. What should I do for manifesting love?

Practise the methods to manifest and focus on the outcome of love. That could be achieve by meditating, by yoga or by using laser like targeted affirmations. (Like the ones you find on this site 😉 ) Repeat and don´t give up after a while, it might can take its time when the other person isn´t ready yet.

  1. How do you make someone fall in love with you?

There are certanly many ways to approach that but what you can do is: Get close to that person, learn about the things he/she likes, search for eye contact, smile when they are around and enjoy the time you spend with them. Joy sparks joy in others and they want to be around you more.

  1. How do you tell if someone is manifesting you?

Did you recently had the feeling that a person is around you more often and is showing signs of affection towards you? Things like smiling at you, trying to keep eye contact all the time or simply be around you on places you do not expect her/him? Chances are this person is interested in you and shows inspired action to attract you.

  1. How do you ask the universe for love?

You just do it and believe in it. Manifesting love is just the same as manifesting your morning coffee or manifesting a free parking space at your work place. The difference is your perception of the value of the thing that you intend to manifest. You surely value a new love higher than a parking space, but the universe don´t care about size, just about dediction and believe.

  1. How do you attract love energy?

Feel it in yourself first! What we send out is something others reflect. Think of a grumpy person, what will it attract? Smiles? No, maybe sadness or a feeling of unease will be replied. The Law of attraction love manifestation works by embracing yourself, find a deep inner self love and let that shine on others so they can react to it with love in return.

  1. How do I find my soulmate wth „The secret“?

It´s the same as with any other thing, experience or person. Ask and you shall receive. Think about your soulmate and feel deep down in your heart how it would be to spend time together. Live that feeling and stay in that moments. Go out and be open to the world and sooner or later your soulmate will cross your path.

  1. How can I raise my vibration to attract love?

Raise your inner well being and self love. Share that self love with the world and be a bright star of love and positivity to others. Use meditation and affirmations like you would do with other things you want to manifest. However, always keep the self love high, that is the key to increase your vibrational energy. Is deep honest self-love a challenge for you? Read here how you can overcome that challenges in 6 easy steps including practical advise and exercises to lift your love spirits.

  1. What is the vibration of love?

If you ever have been in love, you already know it. If not, think of something you really really like and you „love“ to have around you. The deep feeling that makes your skin tingle, your heart race and the butterflies dance in your belly, if you feel that, you know you are vibrating love. If you are searching for a partner, try to replicate that feeling from the past and implement that in your daily routine

11.Can a womanizer fall in love and change?

Absolutely! A womanizer is always searching for attention from females but if you win his heart and he deeply falls in love with you, you´ll see his demeanour change. When the time for him has come to fall in love, he can´t resist and will stay with you leaving other women behind because you are now his priority Nr.1

12. How do you manifest someone to miss you?

Make them think of you by leaving traces. That could be a short note with a funny picture on Social Media or a text with something witty. Make them wanting to spend more time with you by being the best version of yourself. Take care of your body and your soul and show your positivity to the world. People always want to be around others that have achieved that state of mind.

Need to find more positive energy in your life before entering a new relationship? Check out how to get some here.

B – The actual guide to manifest a loving relationship

A few caveats before we start. Most importantly, you can NOT force a person in a relationship with you! Think of someone that is already in a loving and caring relationship. Be happy for that person and don´t let your ego get in the way and distract you from someone that is maybe just around the corner. Jealousy kills all the momentum you urgently need to eventually find your dream match and live the fulfilling relationship you deserve.

Another example

If you have fallen in love with a celebrity on the other side of the planet, the differences in space and environment will be an almost insurmountable obstacle to overcome. You attract what you are and it has a reason why a punk rock girl gets a punk rock boy. Same as a HipHop boy gets a HipHop girl or a person coming from a rural background will sooner or later end up with a boy of the same space. We humans are social beings and the close proximity of our friends and family is what shaped us since childhood.

Certainly, love is an universal thing and it is not said that a person attracting the total opposite. Maybe you can learn and complement each other in a relationship. That said, you can´t force feelings but you can direct the force of your feelings towards a specific person.

Being content with yourself in first place helps you overcome any traces of jealousy because you know you are better than that and there simply is another person out there that deserves your love. That said, lets dive in the first step, maybe the most important one of all!

1.Make a decision – Do you really want a partner and for what?

Or even better, make a decision and stick to it! The Law of attraction love manifesting technics will keep you on track when you doubts start to emerge about the development your life takes. You might even question yourself if you really want a relationship, and think deeply about things like

  • Are you ready for change and with what comes with it?
  • Did you made peace with your past?
  • Do you allow yourself do be vulnerable again?
  • Are you feeling good enough for a serious partnership? Do you have limiting beliefs?
The reason to ask yourself is maybe best explained in a little story I experienced myself.

I was a workaholic for years. I rejected friends and family always thinking that as soon as I made it with my music business, I´ll be rich and famous and will be able to attract the love of my life. However, that´s not how it works. On some days, I seriously felt sick of being alone and desired a companion at my side. However, my attitude and vibration was still in the „first work than joy“ mode so even if I met a girl, I soon rejected her for the weirdest reasons. My longest partnership at this time was about 2 months, because as soon as I noticed that she kept me away from my work, I felt she is not the right. What an absurd logic, right? This way I rejeceted some very nice women because of me being stubborn and narrow minded with my attention and desires.

In my case, a serious burnout was the end of all my hopes for musical success and it also made me think about my part in life and how unfair I treated most of the ladies I met. It took over 6 months to overcome the burnout and I still feel its effects sometimes today. That´s why I´m an avid supporter of a healthy work/life balance now.

Conclusion to that story. Can you attract a specific person with law of attraction? Yes, but you need to be open for it!

Be honest with yourself!

My story should tell you, a partnership has an effect on your life, which is not only emotionally but timely and energy wise. If you aren´t ready, no matter the reason, you won´t get your match appear AND stay!

A similar thing is if you still think about your ex all day. The healing of breakups needs time, and you might not want to instandly replace a person with another. You´ll soon find out that you compare them, and that is just as unfair to this person as I was in my case. Your former partner is gone and you need to be open minded for a new person with a new past, a new attitude, a new body and a new mind. How should you manifest someone new when there is already someone still occupying the love spot in your heart?

Nobody likes to vulnerable but if you intend to welcome someone new into your life, you need to be to a certain extend. You need to open yourself to this person, build up trust. Can you handle that, like to tell another person about your desires, hopes and wishes again and maybe getting a bad reaction at first?

Another obstacle you probably come across is the mindset of a loner you honed for years. It needs an even bigger effort to get out of your lonely comfort zone you stayed in for such a long time, which means, give yourself time again to get out there step by step. Don´t let yourself feel forced into a relationship by a partner, friends, family or society.

manifesting love
Manifest love when you’re lonely

If you want something so bad, that it becomes the only thing in your head all day, it becomes an obsession, but one that works against you in fulfilling your wishes.

What you do is to focus on the despair of a lack of love, not the joy of an already vivid love-based relationship. Frustration will soon get the better of you and you´ll end up in a worse mental place then before.

The crucial thing to do is: Let go! How should you manifest love with a specific person when you constantly deny it unconsciously?

How often was it the case that as soon as you gave up on something it seemingly appeared in your life without any effort? You can ready about such stories in the internet, you are not alone and it happenes to everyone.


The moment you surrender is the moment you set yourself free from expectations. You set yourself free from pressure and what your mind starts to become clear again. You become less stressed and less anxious if something will happen, you have reached a certain kind of being in peace with the situation.

The important part here is – You need to love yourself first before others are able to love you. Love attracts love, it´s that simple. Become the loving person you want to attract yourself, you deserve it!

If you are in a state of self-love that shines through your whole body others will get atttracted to you. That can´t happen if you vibrate in an energy of lack, distrust and anger.

If you have troubles with loving yourself, you will find an easy to follow guide you can lift your opinion about yourself in 6 steps here. There are also some real working exercises which you can use daily to uplift your spirits and your self-perception.

Meditation could help as well. If you are a starter, go with a guided one like this one here.

I´ll add more info about the benefits of mediation and how you can use them to attract your ideal mate with it later in that article. Later on you can start with just sitting and breathing or recitating a mantra like „Om Mani padme hum“ or something similar.

As for this point, I hope you find a peaceful place in your heart and you were able to answer the questions I came up with it this stage. Take the time for contemplation, there is no hurry, your perfect match will understand and wait for you at the right place at the right time. So, choose change – Stop wanting, start getting! Make the decision now!

2.Define what you want from your partner and what you are willing to give

The desire for a partnership is understandable but there are many different ways a relationship can happen. That´s why you need to make it perfectly clear about what you want and what you intend to give in return.

Relationships are always giving and taking but it must be a in a balance or the scale will drop to one end which usually leads to desaster and breakups.

Ask yourself a few of those questions:

How does your future partner looks like? Describe in detail. What hair colour, how tall, what background, what education, what faith, everything that comes to your mind. A „just a nice guy/girl“ is not enough. Vague defintions produce vague results!

Write down the personality traits of the specific person you want to attract, and so do with values of your partner. What goals do you what you to share? Do you both want to marry some day or is an open relationship enough? Do you want to have kids?

Using he Law of attraction love charm works just by taking your time to write it down, think about it again and again and make it abundantly clear what exactly you want! You can schedule a 10 minute windows before you go to sleep and right after you awake to describe in details what you want. That will give your subconscious time to work on more details over night and during the day when you are at work or at school.

You can be creative doing that, like make a soulmate map like a mindmap or a vision board/ dream board or at least a journal. Paint a picture or try something similar artistic. You can go all out with your creativity, whatever suits your preferences, go for it!

What do you really want?

The very basic thing to do would be a journal. As explained above, use it wisely to jot down anything that comes to your mind.

That also helps to define, what really matters in a partnership and you´ll soon come to the conclusion that some details you wrote down are a would be nice and not a must. Nobody is perfect so if you perfect match doesn´t like your favorite band but you come along in every other possible way, accept it. This míght sounds converse to the above described write everything done, but the point is to focus on what you really want and what you don´t give too much attention too.

While you are writting down of what you want, also think of what you don´t want. – Don´t sell yourself short out of pure need and being too open and actually impatient to wait for the right one.

No misdirected energy

It´s not to put energy towards things you don´t want to attract but to make a statement of what you can´t tolerate on a new partner. That leads to questions like, how do you want to be treated by your partner? What are behaviors you are not willing to tolerate? If someone mistreats you, screw them! Walk away! You deserve better! …but you have to be aware of that as well and not be falsely tolerante over things you despise. You might end up being alone again, but is e. g. an abusive relationship really what you wished for?

A bad match can be a guideline for future partners though. Think positive and ask yourself what could have been better. Use it to narrow down your perfect match description even more. Clear guidelines for the universe to attract love are paramount at this stage!

True love includes mutual understanding and excitement as well as mutual respect and mutual giving and taking!

law of attraction love

3. Fake it till you get it

You might heard the saying of „Fake it till you make it“. This means live like you already have your desired situation, like a business success, the job of your dreams and certainly enough your perfect relationship!

Live as if you are already in a loving relationship and adjust your life around your new situation. That could be by buying some new furniture, interior, a couple coloured bed cover, everyday goods you use with a love or relationship theme on it.

You are in a partnership NOW! Like like it! Try to maintain an attitude of believe and 100% certainty of knowing you’re already in love and you are in a joyful partnership.

There are methods that can help you doing that, which are:


Speak them out loud as you look at into the mirror. If you feel uncomfortable doing so, say it into at least out loud. Your ears need to hear your voice!

Use affirmations that you can believe easily. One of the main obstacles with affirmations I found is the generic nature in of most of them. I searched for a long time fo fitting love affirmations but eventually I ended up writing some myself. This also made me realize, you need to adjust affirmations you get from somewhere and make them fit to your specific situation and desires.

I put 40 law of attraction love affirmations at the end of the 5 steps. Read them ,speak them out load and see who they make you feel. If if hits a spot and you get an emotional reaction, good, if not make them fit to your needs. Only you know what you want and what´s good for you.


Take a time out, sit in a quite room, close your eyes and imagine (visualize) your life in the perfect partnership. Live this moments and do it as detailed as possible and use all your senses to do so.

The easiest way to start is to imagine a scenario where you are interacting with your match or where you share an experience or event. Create a strong mental image and make it a movie that plays in front of your mental eyes.

Events could be simple and minor like

  • Watching a movie together
  • Cuddling on the couch
  • Sharing a glass of wine
  • Going out for a dinner
  • Doing some sports
  • Prepare some meals together
  • Visiting events like concerts or exhibitions
  • But you can also go bigger with scenarios like
  • Getting married
  • Travelling the world
  • Moving to a new home
  • Watching your children play in front of you

I´m certain you can come up with 20 more that fit your situation and preferences. What matters is that you feel comfortable in the situation and you can feel the surroundings and the happiness of experiencing everything together with your love. Always visualize a situation in the present moment and as complete. Feel it, hear it, taste it, use all your senses for a thorough visualization experience.


What might feels weird in the first few times can help adjusting your mindset and your behaviour towards a new relationship. A situation you faced multiple times is something you become accustomed to and we become less nervous when it finally happens.

Think of an actor that goes on stage to play his role. Your stage is in your mind and you are the actor that needs to play the role of the one in love. You are the main character, so better reahearse!

Act as if your significant other is already in the room. What would you do differently? How would you behave? Would you fart loudly or go to another room? Yes, sounds ridiculous but it must feel real!

Dress up like if you would meet your crush soon. Add some extra body care in your daily routine and put on some nice perfume. Walk around feeling the warmth of the loved one on your side, open your hand as if your crush would lay his/her hand in yours in the next moment. Look at other couples and feel their joy just as much as you feel the joy with your partner.

Your imagination is the limit. Implement your loved one in your life before he/she is here.


Meditation is primarely good for decreasing stress, improving concentration, lowering your blood pressure or reducing symptoms of fear and depression. It is scientifically proven that meditation has health benefits. Here more info on the 12-benefits-of-meditation

Our meditation of starters guide

As for our agenda, we need to put in persepctive of what we want to achieve with it. When meditating we release stress and that´s also the stress of having the need of finding a partner. You can be as aligned with your cause, yet still thoughts of doubt and self-criticism can come up. We need to adress them properly.

Negative thoughts put your under stress so you need to see them as what they are, simpley thoughts, and get rid of them. Think of anything negative that comes to your mind as a rain cloud. Sure , it might contain lightning and some hail balls but eventually it will pass and the sun will come out again. Let your worries pass like clouds. Acknowledge their existance but don´t feed them with your energy.

Meditating can help you do that.

Our mind chatters 24/7, but in a meditative state you will learn to turn of that chatter and focus on yourself and be in the moment. That helps in you being calm and satisfied with the current situation. You let got of all the wishes and desires and just be present in the moment. Nothing matters here, just you and your breath.

If you have trouble doing this, I already mentioned to use a guided meditation that takes you on a mind journey. It helps you getting used to sit still and just be while your body relaxes and you feel the deep inner contentment.

If you master that, you will see tjhat every day incidents that might bothered you before are no longer a reason to invest any emotions into it. You become content with life as it is right now.

However, the Law of attraction love philosphy don´t say it´s not that you can´t increase your love vibrations, which brings us to:

love manifestation

4. Show love to others

Not necessarily relationship wise but just be friendly and kind!

Think of the last person you met. What facial expression did she had? Was she in a bad mood or in a cheerful one? How do you feel around a person that is angry, sad or full of inner conflict? It´s not a pleasant experience to be around such people, be their emotional state justified or not.

Same goes for grumpy people won´t attract smiling people and vice versa. It´s just natural to feel rejection if someone try to approach us in a hostily way, be it with words or physically.

You attract people who are aligned with your vibrational state, which in return is good or bad depending on your mood. If you are out there and just look down, a sign of a lack of self worth, you migfht not even get approach by someone. You just get acknoledged by people who are similar lacking self worth or feel depressed or annoyed.

It should be clear now that love towards yourself needs to shine to the outside too.

Imagine being in a subway and everybody staring on their phones just lifting their heads to see it they are already at their destination. What if your eyes cross paths with such a random stranger and instead of looking down you just sincerely smile, it reflects in your eyes too.

Certainly, not everybody wlll appreciate that but those are the ones you should avoid anyway. Maybe you get a smile back just after a few attempts. It´s also a matter of where in the world you live and how common it is to show a facial expresson of an emotion in public.

On the flipside, how would you react if some random stranger of your age and status smiles at you?` Would you look away ot tell him to stop that? High likely not.

Positive people are far more popular than negative ones! Use that fact to your advantage by loving everybody you can. Break down the idea of love towards a human being to its very core by simple feel it without judging that person.

Be the person you want to attract!

Feel good for others – be delighted!

If you are in love with a person which is already in a loving relationship, don´t fall prey to jealousy, but express your joy for the well being of that person. If you would really love him/her you would be happy for them! People we love should live their best life, and if we are not a directly involved part of them, so be it, it´s not meant for us to be. Accept that!

Your soulmate is already with you (in your mind), there is no need to take one from another person.

Go to places where love is shared
  • Watch a child playing with it´s dog
  • See parents cheering for their kids at the playground
  • Recognize that couple who is holding hands while passing you by
  • Observe that animal mother carring about her young
  • See that girl making selfies showing heart signs for her far away boyfriend
  • Go to a main train station and watch people arrive and get hugged by their loved ones
Online wholesomeness

In case you can´t find such places in your close proximity, go to the internet and find some places, Wholesome videos are plentiful on youtube and a few minutes a day can already lift up your vibration for the law of attraction love manifestation significantly.

Now get out and tell everbody!

Once you are ready, go out and tell the world your intention of being in love with your perfect match. Speak to all kinds of people about it and make sure they understood what you want in your partnership.

By speaking it out loud, you not only transfer the message to another person who might know somebody but you also steady your intentions and wishes. Your ears hear your voice and your body vibrates with the energy of an open mind that is ready for a loving relationship.

People will feel it, but some are emotionally deaf so you need to tell them!

It´s crucial thought that you do not come across as a needy and desperate person but as a sincere and honest human being that knows what it wants and knows that it will get it!

Send out strong vibes of confidence and belief when telling others. Don´t think it´s better to keep it a secret? If you can´t even admit to close family and friends that you intend to enter a fulfilling partnership who could you justify your wishes to the universe? What I mean is, you need to feel the self respect and self conscious deep in your heart so doubts have no chance and you can speak it out loudly, full of self esteem.

5. Hone your patience skills

Chance are good it won´t happen over night and you need to accept that. Change needs time and you are just out of your single mood and feeling the joy of a breathtaking new relationship. You are like a just blossomed flower at this point. Give yourself time to fully expand your petals and inhale the suns rays and become the final form.

Science says that our cells constantly regenerate which leads to the fact that every 7 years we are a totally different human being, based on our cells certainly. You won´t need 7 years to change your attitude towards partnerships but maybe you need to work on some roadblocks first, obstacles like limiting beliefs or lack of self esteem.

Obstacles to work on.

Since it´s so incredibly important, you need to love yourself first so others can find the lovely being that you are in you. If you struggle with selflove, I want you to click here to follow the 6 steps towards more selflove and work yourself through the exercises. It´s worth it and you will feel far better as soon as you see the first successes achieved. Yes, I mentioned that before but don´t underestimate that point! I really want to hammer it down that a healthy dose of self love is need for an affectionate partnership!

The universe will deliver, just as it always does so relax, lean back and enjoy the ride.

Embrace the time you got given to work on yourself, meditate more and try new things you haven´t tried before but always want to try. Filling your life with joyful activities will lift your spirits in times when doubts rear their ugly heads. Chop those heads off or even better, don´t even let them grow to bother you.

Don’t fret about where and when your soulmate will arrive. It will, end! Rather indulge in the absolute safe fact that he/she will come. This is undisputed and there is nobody that can do something against it!

Often we find love where we least expect it, like bumping into a stranger while being in a hurry ourselves or a friend recommends a dating site you never checked out and now you do because you now have the feeling that it´s the right time to do it.

Speaking out of experience again, a short law of attraction specific person success story.

A friend was talking me into trying a specific local dating site I never felt was right for me, since it was mostly rural folks with a rural mindset. If you ever have been to the Austrian countryside, you know how nice and helpful but also incredibly stubborn they can be. Anyway, one day he again talked about how he found many different women to talk to and more, and I somehow felt the time has come now too.

The end of the story was, I checked about 100 women on that site, and one was standing out, being not from here and having the mindset I expect from a woman. Up to this point it looks good that things develop and I keep my fingers crossed.

The moral of the story is: I rejected that dating site for years but after all that time I opened my mind and here I am in a warm-hearted relationship again.

I had my own obstacles to work on, like being a loner and still a little somewhat of a workaholic. Maybe you have other things you need to let go, like a sport you spend far too much time with, or a game you enjoy to play for hours.

Be open for change and try new things and a new love is almost right around the corner.


Can you attract a specific person with law of attraction? YES, you can!

People did it before you, people do it right now and people will do it in the future, fully intentional or not. It´s our nature, humans need contact to other humans we aren´t made to be alone our whole life or just meet for mating. We are social beings with social needs.

A simple hug can be like a sip of water for someone who just passed the desert!

Let your intuition guide your way and follow what feels right at the moment.

Now check the following affirmations. Read them, listen to your emotional response and how they make you feel. Write down the ones you like most and adjust if you feel a different word or a different structure of the sentence makes it better for you.

Use that as a basic love attraction method and add visualization and mediation to it step by step. Make it a fun process and don´t feel forced to do all of them or when you have a bad mood and you don´t feel like anything would work. Maybe take a day off in such a case and come back later and start with invigorated mental energy.

Remember: Your soulmate is already with you, you just can see him yet.

C – Law of attraction affirmations to manifest true love

Affirmations must be just one thing, believable for the person that says them. If you don´t believe in them, you´ll have a far harder time to make things change in you and your environment. This is the reason why I adjusted the affirmations you find elsewhere and put them in perspective and gave them reason. The conscious mind works amazingly with reason, and since our mind constantly chatters with us we need to adress that in an appropriate manner. If you intentionally repeat love affirmations for your future relationship, and you feel and believe in them, the subconscious will follow and the consciousness will come up with less thoughts of doubt and criticism.

Read the following law of attraction love manifesting affirmations and see what suits your situation and feeling best. Adjust them accordingly to your situation and what you want, it needs to be personalized to fit your personal wishes and desires.

A simple „I´m happy“ is nice, but why are you happy? Reason it for yourself!

I deserve getting loved! – OK, why ? What makes you lovable? Write down at least 20 things that make you lovable! If you found 20, write 20 more! That´s also a good exercise to appreciate things on your self and improves your self love significantly!

Before your start your relationship affirmations, find the happy place in your mind. You can go to Youtube and search a video that shows your happy place, like if you ever wanted to a certain city, open a video of that city and feel it being there. You can watch a videos with kittens and puppies playing around. Whatever it is, it will calm you down and the brain will be more open to the affirmations as well.

Now to the 40 love affirmations

  1. I love myself because I´m me
  2. I deserve love and that is why I get it in abundance
  3. I´m beautiful the way I am and everybody knows that
  4. I send out love that´s why I get love in return
  5. I´m worthy of receiving love because I am a wonderful human being
  6. My inner beauty is relflected to the outside
  7. Everywhere I am and everywhere I go, I´ll always see the good in things
  8. I´m open for a loving relationship of mutual respect and passionate feelings
  9. My soulmate is already on his/her way to me
  10. I am a magnet of love and send out positive vibes so people want to be around me all the time
  11. I radiate in the love frequency that attracts others of the same kind
  12. Finding a relationship is easy for me because I have an open mind and I´m ready to live in a fulfilling partnership
  13. I love myself and my partner equally
  14. Love is my right as a human being
  15. Everything I do and everything I am is in concordance with love
  16. I trust the universe to help me find my perfect match
  17. I´m living with the love of my life and I couldn´t be any happier
  18. I feel unconditionally love towards myself and my partner
  19. Laughter and and having fun are always part of my relationships
  20. I accept that I´m a loving and lovable humen being in a loving partnership
  21. My partner and I are happily in love
  22. I am in a wonderful relationship with someone who treats me the way I deserve it.
  23. We are made for each other
  24. I am open to a healthy, long lasting, deep loving relationship with the partner of my dreams
  25. The whole universe has conspired to bring the perfect match to me
  26. I am open to give my heart away and get the one of my dream partner in return
  27. I´m overwhelmed by the love that I receive now
  28. Others show me love and make my life a joyful experience
  29. I´m grateful to have found the perfect match to me
  30. My relationship is based on honesty and we live it in full abundance
  31. My past relationship were great, but this one is the real deal
  32. I can see myself being with my partner for the rest of my life
  33. We have a mutual understanding of each other that I haven´t felt before
  34. Reality has surpassed my dreams by delivering this wonderful partnership to me
  35. I love my partner with all my heart and soul
  36. We life the dream I always had about being together with the one true love
  37. We life as one, dream as one and love as one, we are one
  38. I feel safe and comfortable being with my love
  39. This wonderful relationship had elevate both of us to new spiritual levels
  40. My partner completes me and I complete him/her-

One more tip: If you have troubles with any of those, start with sending out love to everything around you by saying things like „I love the moon, I love the sun,. I love the stars, I love my neighbor, I love my mother, I love my father, I love my … You constantly repeat that you love someone or something which should you make you getting use to love others.

D – Bonus: Using LOA love manifesting technics with your Biorhythm

Maybe a real „The secret“ method here. I put a link to info about biorhythm compability at the end of this article, so you can get a better understanding of what follows here. Basically the idea is to use your bodys energy flows to amplify your relationship affirmations and law of attraction efforts. I put a FAQ about the basic of what a biorhythm is here

If you already know what it is, here the idea of how to apply it to manifest things faster.

Our bodys energy cycles are 3 and all of them can be used in a different way to magnify the result and add more power to the universe to help us attract the partner of our dreams.

Here are the 3 biorhythm cycles and how you can use them

Emotional cycle

In days of a high level in the emotional cycle, above 85%, you should try to meditate more and use this emotional energy enforcement to lift your spirits and increase the love you sending out. Try to feel more in depth and more in detail about being together and all the things you experience together. Your bodys high emotional vibration is amplifying your love manifestation.

Intellectual cycle

Use days of highs in this cycle to take more time to write down what you really want in life and from your partnership. The powerful energy in your body will increase the chances of you coming to new conclusions and new ideas about how you can improve to attract love more effortlessly. It will help you findig new fields of interest and new hobbys where you again can meet new people and maybe the love of your life!

Physical cycle

The benefits of a healthy body workout are testified by many scientific research and a high in the physical cycle makes you do exactly that with far less effort. Use these days to do more yoga or go out for a walk, just move your body and enjoy nature. Physical activity, the small some might seem, can lift your spirits for days of hardship. It will have a calming effect on your mind and a positive effect on your overall health.

Never forget: You are in control of your life!

If you think others can benefit from that information too, please consider sharing this article on your Social Media accounts or on other place you think it could be helpful.

Thanks and Namaste!

Written by Werner

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