Manifestation of everything you want in 24 hrs or less


Manifestation reality check: Lets make one thing perfectly clear right from the start!

Manifestation of everything you want in24 hr or less is possible but you need to find the right balance of your current believes, your situation and the final result. That means, if you grew up in poverty, never had more then 2000.- on your bank account and you live in an environment with similar bad financial states it will be almost impossible to manifest a number like 10M over night. The mind will fill your consciousness with doubts and work full force against you. At this point, that amount is not believable to you.

That said, start with something that sounds plausible to you, more like something in the range of 100.- or even less. That also reduces the pressure on you, since you aren´t reliant on that 100 bucks.

It might sound a bit harsh but if you ever tried to manifest something that is so totally out of your current reach it´s incredibly hard to do it. You simply lack the experience and the physical and mental sensation is just a „could be“ and not a „that´s how it is“.


The good news!

Manifestation is real und yes, you can change your life fast by manifesting everything you want, but you need to put some work into it. In times of a global pandemic, the fearmongering in the newspapers and the uncertainty that cloaks the whole planet, it´s even more a challenge,

Expecting a positive outcome when you get bombarded with negativity is a excruciating task. The question is, are you willing and able to put all effort and energy into it? The reward is nothing less than the fulfillment of your desires. Sounds like a fair deal, right?

And you are not alone on this journey. I have put a short guide together that helps you manifesting everything you, be it the manifestation of love, money or whatever else your heart asks for.

What does manifesting mean?

Before we start, maybe you ask yourself, what is manifestation? In a sentence, it´s the „manifesting“ of thougths and feelings into something tangible. Something that wasn´t there in the so called real world, but just in your mind. A transformation if you will.

So the first step of manifesting is to have a certain idea in your head and to believe you can have that idea or thing in your hand. You could say, what manifestation means, is to transform your thinking into reality and what you need most is an unshakeable believe in the fact that you can do that!

That also means, if you cant believe it, you can´t manifest it. I already explained above why it´s so tremendously difficult for most of us to manifest huge sums of money and it´s exactly that believes and underlying subconscious paradigms that hinder us.

How manifestation works

1 – Believe you can – work on possible mental obstacles

We need to work on our mindset and that can take it´s time. It´s worth it though. You just need to remind yourself of the eventual outcome and that it will be a path you need to go to get there. May you have seen the movie „The Secret“ and remember the scene where all of a sudden an elephant was in the room next to a person that tried to manfiest? Sometimes it´s fort our own good that things take their time to manifest.

Speaking of an elephant, try to DO NOT think of a yellow elephant for the next 3 minutes. Can you see him in your head? I´m certain you´ll see a yellow elephant in the next days somewhere, as unlikely as it seems. Seriously, if you saw one, comment below! If not, click here 😉

Th same approach could be used to lead our thoughts away from pressure we feel.We need to adjust out thinking and our mindset towards the goal and erase all kinds of limiting believes.

Mental obstacles are a pain in the mind and to take away pain we need to take our medicine.

For our minds medicine to have an effect on us, we need to be open and to accept new tigns into our lifes, be it new people, new circumstances and new paradigms.

The old „I´m to …“ excuse are no longer allowed to be valid anymore. Write down what you think, and observe your most prominent thought patterns. If you catch yourself thinking in limits and trying to make excuses, remind yourself that you are a limitless mind and you are able to find solutions for everything life throws at you.

With your mind open, free of limitations, calm and receptive, you can take the next step.

2 – Make a decision and stick to itDefine your manifestation goal

Practise your decision making muscle. Start with small thing, like the full conscious decision to drink tea instead of coffee for breakfast. Yes, sounds ridiculous but if you start to lift weights you also don´t start by lifting 200kg (440 pounds).

If you are used to a standardized and scheduled day you need to make a conscious decision to try something new, something out of your comfort zone! You need to take inspired action and trespass your boundaries!

That means, an open mind includes and open mindset. It doesn´t stop there, you need to seriously commit yourself to a decision and stick to it, 110%.

Decide what you want but decide wisely. Nothing will happen if you ask for this today, and for that tomorrow. But do not put yourself under pressure. That´s the last thing we want when we practise manifesting things into our lifes.

Take the time to write down what you want. Take 5 minutes right after you woke up and 5 minutes before you go to bed and write down your thoughts. If you are perfectly clear about what you want, then go for it, not a second before. In case you think that´s too much effort, ok, be my guest and manifest nothing, but don´t complain about your average life. It may sound harsh but that´s how it is and I do not want to sugercoat something here so you might hope for a better time that will never come.

Some might argue that it needs to be a spiritual journey, but that´s just half the truth. Ever hit your bed with your toe? There is nothing spiritual about it. It´s physical, we are physical beings and we carry our mind in us, which means they need to work together to manifest our desires.


3 – Take inspired action

Speaking of physical activity and manifestation energy. You need to take inspired action based on the desires you wrote down and the commitment you sworne yourself into.

You might rememer the manifestation and law of attraction techniques explained by many LOA teachers. Unfortunately not many ask you to work for it. Manifesting is NOT daydreaming or wishful thinking, it is indeed work!

You can start with faking it, and it will give you a feeling of how it would be to have your desired object or person in your life. That´s the mental work. Again, try to save 5-10 minutes a day to work on your mindset.

The Law of Attraction says that we attract thos things we most think of. If we do something we love we also constantly think about it, it gets „manifested“ in our subconscious mind which triggers an effect in our consciousness and our surroundings

As soon as your mind is adjusted, things all of a sudden will fall into place. Chances of change will unfold, and then it is finally time to take inspired action and go for it!

The moment you get your sign of change and the trigger to act is the turning point. Don´t be mad about yourself if you miss the first or second chance. If you prepare your mind correctly and adjust it to the outcome new chances will come again and again.

What can you do right now, after finishing this article of course, to effect a change in your life? Where do you need to go? To who do you need to talk to? How can you improve from your current position. There are things you can do now, and when the time has come, to act accordingly to your manifesting desires will be almost effortless.

4 – Affirmate, visualize, meditate – manifest

There are many manifestation methods or manifestation techniques however you wanna call them and the ones above mentioned are the most prominent ones. They simply have proven to be effective, so it´s no wonder why everybody recommend them.

Lets start with manifestation affirmations: It´s like a positive self-talk, a constant reminder of what we want and where we intend to go. Affirmations must be short and precise but most importantly, believable. Something like „I wanna be rich“ will never work! Something like „I deserve the 20.000.- I get within the next 2 months“ is better. Again, it must be believeable with your current mindset.

Visualization is next. You can use a manifestation vision board to support your manifestation practise. Maybe buy a cork board and pin pictures of your desired object or person on it together with hand written affirmations and motivational quotes. Change pictures on it if they don´t feel aligned with our intentions anymore. It´s should be a very playful experience and taken light hearted. Again, no pressure. You can use all your senses and enjoy the ride.

Meditation (here a beginners guide) is practised since milleniums for to calm the mind and reduce stress. A manifestation meditation can help you do exactly thta. But why is that important? A calm mind is a clear mind and open, a considtion we so urgently need to manifest thigns into our lifes. If you are new to meditation, go to Youtube and search for „guided meditation“. There are plenty of those for free and you just need to one that resonates most with you.

Put all 3 manifestation techniques into action and the speed of manifestation will increase drastically. It´s like adding new horse power to your car, the more it has the faster it accelerates.

5 – Stay patient and grateful

Continueing the car example, even the most powerful Porsche needs 3 seconds to go to 100, a random city car with far less power, will need more time. When you just started with your manfiestation practise, you are not full powered. Taht measn, you need to give yourself time!

Hone your patience skills and stay to your desires and wishes even in times of doubts. They will come, that´s for certain. Doubts and overthinking should be considered cardinal sins because they killed so many great ambitions and dreams throught history.

You need a strong manifestation determination! You already decided to do all the necessary work, now stick to it!

Beside patience, showing gratitude and being thankful is another skill that asks to be honed by you. What is gratitude though? Remember you got a present from a loved one and how that felt? That´s a different kind of gratitude to getting 1M Dollar somehow in the lottery.

It´s also not about being content with what you have. That´s nice and beneficial when doubts come up, but it gives you a Plan B. If that Plan B of staying where you are is easier then your Plan A of manifesting something lifechanging, your subconscious will automatically work towards Plan B. It´s used to that and for the other one, you would need to work your mind and get out of your comfort zone

Being grateful is good, don´t get me wrong. It´s just that it´s not that important as most people try to convince you it is. Patience is far more important. Decation and desire as well.

So while gratitude safes you from doubts and provides you with a glimpse if what exciteent is coming, patience keeps you on track and helps you confidently overcome difficult times.

6 – As soon as you see results – go full throttle

As soone as you work hard in the fulfillment of your desires the first manifestation signs aren´t far away. Take them as a confirmation that you are on the right track. It should give you a certain peace of mind that the universe acknowledged your desires but just asks you to continue and be patient a little more.

If you see a chance to act accordingly to your desire outcome, give it your all! Situations will develop in your direction but you also need to develop in theirs. As the teacher will not arrive until the student is ready, your manifestation won´t come until you are set.

That means, after all the hard work, mentally, physicall or both, you wil need to keep on working but this time it´s a cleared path and you´ll know exactly what to do. The fact that you already know how it will end and you permanently get new confirmatons from the universe about the delivery will motivate you to keep on pushing.

The time will come when you see that things fall into place almost effortlessly and you can start to get the big picture of your manifestation. You´ll see that you not only get what you want but what changes come with it.

Do you want to use manifestation to attrackt a new partner? Being in a relationship will bring plenty of change. Same goes for an increased bank account. Do you really want to hang out with all your old poor friends? Yes, maybe from time to time but you´ll met new peolpe that also have money. Be aware that with using manifestation, as awesome as it is, some unpredictable change will come with it.

Bonus I: Biorhythm secret

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Otherwise, watch the video linked below.

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Bonus II: Quiz

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