About Biorhythm Central

It´s funny. What was intentionally meant to become an affiliate marketing site for a Biorhythm product I found really useful, it turned out to be a full fledged blog about all kinds of topics, covering the Law of Attraction just as much as self improvement, self love or mental health. Thanks for amazing feedback from various Social Media accounts the plans for this site have changed significantly. The affiliate links will remain but more to eventually provide some basic income to support me writing a book about how the Biorhythm can assist you in manifesting the life of your dreams. I believe it can sincerely help people to adjust their life accordingly and if they some don´t believe in the Biorhythm as the cycles of energy flow in your body, they might can use it as a guideline anyways to schedule their practise of the Law of Attraction around it. So stay tuned, more blog content will come soon and that statement counts whenever you read it, be it now or in 3 months.

– Kate

Usually I just write on Quora – here my profile – but Kate asked me to contribute some male input and help out with technical questions. I won´t write that much though since I also work on my Blockchain startup but you can expect an article from me from time to time.

– Werner