55 Morning Affirmations

morning affirmations

Morning affirmations are a fantastic way to start your day. They put your mindset straight and prepare yourself perfectly for the day for the best possible experience. If you mindset is adjusted to positivity and positive expectations, your subconscious mind will adjust your speaking and behaviour towards others to receive positivity in return.

The following morning affirmations are basic expression, you need to adjust them to your well-feeling. And here we have the key! It must feel well with you, it must resonate. If you can´t feel them, or can´t believe them, they won´t work and they will jst have the opposite effect.

Never will pushed to repeat them or feel any kind of pressure. It needs to be a fun experience. That also guarantees the tension in the process and increases your positive mood and decreases mood swings in the opposite direction. As we know, thoughts become things but that also included our speaking because it is controlled by our thought patterns.

Speak out loud!

That´s also the reason why you need to speak the morning affirmations out loud and not just repeating them in your head or murmuring them silently. Recite them with foll consciousness and will self confidence. You need to hear your own voice saying them. Your subconscious mind needs to understand the intention, and that works amazingly well with repeatedly telling it in a loud and clear voice.

Affirmations strengthen us by supporting our believes in the potential of a situaton., person or circumstance we desire to manifest. When we verbally affirm our dreams and ambitions, triggering a deep inner reassurance that our words will become reality.

We influence the universe with every word we say and that´s why we need to be picky and extra careful what we tell ourselves and the universe around us.

55 Powerful morning affirmations

Today I decide in full consciousness that it will be a great day for me

I´m excited what the day brings

Today I reach my full potential and show the world what I am capable of

I´m happy to knwo that everything will go alright today

Today, I won´t let anybody disturb my positive mindset


Another day, another step closer to accomplish my goals

Today I decide to not give any negative thoughts a chance to persist

I´m looking really good today – ready to conquer the world

Got up, felt good, the day can come

I´m in charge of my life and do what I think is good


Fear and anxiety are things of my past

There are no problems, just unsolved challenges

I choose to think positive about whatever life throws at me

Failing is temporary and I learn from every mistake I make

Today I show they world my passion and work to fullfill my destiny


Everyone I meet today will acknowledge my confidence

I intentionally create my life accord to my goals and dreams

Every day I get better and better in whatever I want to do

I respect myself and so do others

People are drawn to me because I´m a positivity magnet


My capability to handle even the most difficult tasks makes my life easy

I always attract the best possible outcome for a situation

Today I decide to not let any negativity faze me

I am a powerful creator and master/mistress of my fate

My life is full of new chances and interesting opportunities


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I radiate inner peace and calmness

The power of my will and persistency in mind will carry me towards my dreams

I give today the chance to become the best day of my life

As I walk the day, the universe conspires to fulfill my desires

I celebrate myself and every little success I achieve


Success and abundance are my birthright

Today I´m claim what I have worked for so long

I manifest the necessary people and circumstances that lead me to the fulfillment of my dreams

Gratitude and thankfulness are an integral part of my mindset

I´m surrounded by people that just want my best


Today I take the chance to create the future I dream of

I woke up and be ready to allow the universe to guide me towards happiness and bliss

Today is a good day to smile

I´m in charge of my life and decide where it goes

The commitment to the achievement of my dreams is unbroken


I´m able to let go with peace in mind

The universe will deliver today and I´m open to it

Breakfast is done, the day can come

This day will mark a turn for the better in my life

I inhale positivity and exhale negativity


Worrying is a waste of time I don´t indulge in

I stop talking to toxic people and avoid them at all cost

My courage is indestructable

I can withstand every problem and trespass all obstacles

Today I will just focus on the best possible circumstances


My self-worth is visible to others and they show me respect

I continuously push myself and get rewarded accordingly

My energy and enthusiasm can´t be diminished

The chances to succeed today in everything I do are 100%

I trust my journey and let my intuition guide me towards the best possible life

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