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This is a follow up post to Nr. 4 which you can read right here. This time our focus will be on Biorhythm as a law of attraction planner.

„Minds are like flowers, they only open when the time is right“ – quote Stephen Richards

Since the huge public boost of the Book/film „The secret“ from Rhonda Byrne millions of people have chance and changed their lifes. However, not everbody was able to fulfill the desired partner, the desired house or landing the job they dreamed of for so long. We live in a time of instant gratification, we are connected on Social Media and can see things that happen on the other side of the planet within minutes after it happend. But are we really connected?

Daily stress, like with our boss, our kids, our neighbors can quickly derail a train that just took up a little momentum into the right direction. An unexpected problem can easily halt you in a state that doesn´t fit your energy of being one with the law of attraction. Here a detailed seperation of all 7 laws of attraction.

As you read this, I can tell you, you now have a chance to increase your chances to eventually get what you desire and what you deserve though!

Law of attraction planner

How about aligning your affirmations, your meditation, your mindwork with your Biorhythm and schedule a law of attraction planner, just for you?

Today is Preparation for the Next Opportunity.” quote PaTrisha-Anne Todd

Biorhythm anaylses can enhance your chances significantly by using the already lifted spirit of your body to get a deeper and more intense feeling for the desired person or good. Here a quick Biorhythm FAQ in case you never heard about it.

For example if you are in search for your soulmate. Check your biorhythm for days where your emotional circle is on a high, at least above 85%. Now schedule your love affirmations and meditations towards this days and focus on the results even more. Your use the benefits aof what you already know and do and enhance all your energy by the high emotional body energy that flows through you. It´s like manifesting with a turbo boost!

You are aligned with your goals and your bodies energy flow, it´s one huge biolovematch of attracting all that you want in life.

Another example in case you want to want to manifest wealth.

Again, check your biorhythm with high levels on intellectual energy and adjust your LOA practise around it accordingly. The intellect sounds maybe contraproductive sicne you always need high levels of emotional energy to manifest. However, manifesting wealth is always close to falling prey to get invaded by greed, even if it´s just subconsciously.

To focus on intellect should keep you in control of that trap and you´ll quickly spot thoughts that could lead into the wrong direction. Certainly, emotions are key to manifesting your desires, but if you let them flow free, old thought patterns might surface and you get caught in a circle of constant repetition and no real effect on your life.

law of attraction plan
The mind has a powerful way of attracting things that are in harmony with it, good and bad“ quote Idowu Koyenikan

As in the quote above, harmony is the main incredient towards fulfillment, A harmonous state of body and mind, being in balance with yourself, is the prerequesite to be invincible. Want more quotes and motivational sayings, click here for 111 quotes for the Law fo Attraction.

As for using your Biorhythm as a law of attraction planner, you just can see this as well, it´s even easier since you see it obviously displayed on a chart. You have the chance to circuit around the imbalances and be in concordance with your wishes. Why fighting for something on a bad energy day when you can just rearrange your LOA schedule and make life and realization a process of trouble-free?

You can now use your Biorhythm defined good days as a pusher towards your final goals. It´s a far less challenging task now. It´s said that thoughts turn into things and if you believe in the Law of attraction you know that we are all sentient beings of pure thought energy. Whatever can be imagined in the mind can be yours.

Your body goes through circles, just like the moon, or the plantes surrounding us. If the moon can have an effect on the tides, it´s transparent that are waves of energy out there that we can´t se, but feel and that have an effect on us. Using your Biorhythm as a law of attraction planner is nothing different.

You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be. – quote Napoleon Hill

People out there are still often blind to their potential. All those negative thoughts, all those negative words. Keep in mind, negative thoughts breed negative things. Money is bad won´t make you rich, nor all males are pigs won´t bring you a fulfilling relationship.

Be careful what you think, you might get it.

Manifesting the wrong thing again and again is just a sign of a thought pattern that got trained on. As soon as you understand that you can break through that patterns, but it will need time and patience you already made the first step towards change and towards a happier life.

You don´t even need to know the details about the underlying physical principles of LOA, you just need to accept them. There are explanations out there from famous quantum physicists trying to get a more scientific look at it but as for us, who us it, we just need to harvest the benefits of its effect on us. Feeling the goals manifesting, not thinking it to death. That´s the highest level we can achieve for a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

The beginning of love is at the end of resistance.” quote Danielle Light

Success and abundance are just one step away. Don´t listen to demotivating thoughts and use all supportive energy you can get, like with visualization tools and techniques, powerful short and succinct affirmations or guided meditation.

Lets reap the benefits of manifesting with the help of your bodys clock and energy flow. The chances of getting your disires fillfilled are now on a fast lane so lean back and enjoy the ride. Using the law of attraction should always be a joyful task and not bothersome or compromised by negative thinking. You have the power to control your future! Use it wisely and your days will feel much more undemanding, cheerful and in tune with the life you deserve!

To sum it up.

Using your Biorhythm as a law of attraction planner is a way to supercharge your desires and they can come faster into your life than without it. Let your Biorhythm be the supporter of your wishes. The universe often works in mysterious ways, but if we are aligned to our true self we can easily adapt to all kinds of changes and understand that challanges are there to help us grow. Maybe we need to work out a situation first before we can enjoy the life we dreamed of. Patience and tranquility together with your body energy give you all the necessary things you need. Listen to yourself and go with the flow!

A part II of using your Biorhythm in combination with the Law of Attraction will follow soon

Until then, read about how you can allign yourself with the Laws of the Universe to manifest your goals faster

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