Amplify the 12 laws of the universe

12 Laws of the Universe

We are all connected

If there is one thing for certain than that we all are connected. Be it on a subatomic level, on a spiritual level or on a philosphical one. Just as the laws of physics the laws of the universe are diverse in their appearance. We not only have Newton, Galilei, Kopernikus or Einstein who showed the world the way the universe works. It was the work of many nameless people who transported the wisdom of the Laws of the Universe and how to use it through the millenia. Often chased by the ones in charge since change wasn´t what they seeked for. The law of attraction and the other laws of the universe can be traced back for thousands of years, maybe starting with the legendary Hermes Trismegistus. We don´t know the exact origin but what we know are the laws and in todays time it´s as easy as it has never been to learn about and apply them. With a calm mind we can reach new highs of human spirituality

The Laws of the universe in 2020

1.The Law of Divine Oneness

The introduction to this post took it anticipated already the first of the 12 laws of the universe. The law of divine oneness states that everything is connected and attached to each other. The idea of a multiverse, as if every decision we make, every word we say, ever move we make opens another universe of possibilities and all of them are connected. That also means, that everything we do or even think has an effect on the world outside us.

Maybe you heard about the butterfly effect? The effect of the beats of a butterflys wings in the Amazons jungle can trigger a Hurricane over the Atlantic. Our mind and our life is similar. Think a bad thought and you express it. Expressing it towards another person has an effect on that person and that persons thoughts and behaviour and so on.

Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” — quote Leonardo DaVinci

There is another theory that over 5 links everybody on this planet knows everybody. It just shows how small the world has become even from a physical standpoint. Cheap plane tickets and the internet connect us to the even most remote Islands and a message which needed days or even weeks in the past is now delivered in a blink of an eye.

The “Oneness” is also crucial when it comes to Twin Flame goals – Read more about that here

Keep all that mind when acting in your environment. The world has become technolgically advanced but we still live in the basic principles of our human nature. The Laws of the Universe don´t care about Social media likes or our newest Gadget. We are one, even with out the internet or the last iphone. We need to act accordingly and send out positive energy to keep the one, that we all are, positive as well.

2. Law of Vibration

People like Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking showed us the beauty of the universe and the way we are connected to it form a scientists point. However, there are still things we can´t explain, like the existance of dark matter or dark energy. We just call things we don´t understand to get a grasp of it but even if we don´t understand all that, we get affected by them!

Think of a pitchfork. A musician, like a violinist, use such a device to tune his instrument and get the right vibration of the strings. Vibration transports energy and we know that that even on an atomic level partciles vibrate.

It has a reason why there is the saying that if 2 people love each other that they are on the same (wave) length. It´s their vibration that matches, not necessarily their bodies appearance. The universe is in constant movement and so are we within it. We are one with it and so we are one with its vibration and certainly get influenced by it. We resonate on an energy level with others of a similar frequenzy. The higher our frequenzy is the better. At this stage we are closer to the universe and have a increased level of „feel“ energy. That in return levels up our whole life and lifts the spirit almost literally to new dimensions.

3 Law of Correspondence

Based on the basic and all underlying law of oneness, the law of correspondence deals with self-similarity and repeated patterns like defined by Benoit Mendelbrot. It is the law that says, „As above so below“, meaning that you find patters in the macrocosmos that are similar to ones in the microcosmos.

Maybe you remember the famous Apple Man picture showing a man made of spheres of apples, in which you can zoom in endlessly, while the patterns constantly repeat themselves.

The same can be said when we look at nature. I pointed at the perfect geometry of a snails cone in my very first blog post, explaining the Golden Ratio which can be found everywhere in nature, in the very small like in the cone as well as in the very large as in our galaxy.

We ourselves are caught in small patterns of behaviour. It´s out habits and daily routines, from the smallest, like getting up, to driving to work or brushing your teeth. There is a routine in everything and it repeats itself in the bigger scheme of our life. Just observe yourself and try to change a habit, it´s not easy. Everybody that quit smoking can tell.

However, while we are one, we correspond and while doing that we change the life of others in the process. We constantly need to remind ourselves of that fact and don´t get careless in our interactions. Our surroundings will mirror our behaviour and correspond according to their habits and attitudes, but by doing that, again reflect on us in return.

The Laws of the Universe have their name for a reason. When you are one with everything, you are responding to everything.

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Laws of the universe
4 Law of Attraction

Probably the most well known of them all, the law of attraction explains the fact that we attract to the things and situations we are subconsciously assign our energy to. The book „The Secret“ from Rhonda Byrne showed this law to the masses but in a very entertainment oriented way.

Here a list of what the 7 Laws of Attraction are and how you can use them to your advantage

Not that this is a bad thing, it just exaggerates here and dimishes some points there. However, the basic statement remains true and imporant to understand!

The main priority to attract something is to be on the same frequency as the desired object or human. The vibrations must be in unison and to do that you need to work on yourself by practising yoga, meditation or something new and exciting I´ll show you at the end of this article. Use tools as vision boards or affirmations to empower your will to change your frequency to eventually get the dreampartner or the financial abundance you asked for.

We are all connected and there is enough for everybody! Not everybody likes the same music, the same person or the same place to call home. That´s why the law of attraction is not only irrefutable but fundamentally fair. Victim mentalty don´t help, so does relying on mere wishful thinking. You need to act when the time is right!

The point here is to be positive about your life and to growth that certainity that you can attract what you want. You just have to work for it. Lethargy and putting things off, procrastination or lazyness won´t bring you far, it just attract what you always got to this point. Change your frequency to change your future. Put in the work, it´s worth it!

Using the law of attraction can make you successful, but it asks for a price. Are you willing to pay? It´s just a change of vibration though….

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5 Law of Inspired Action

Speaking of which, the law of inspired action just underlines what the previous law told us. One need to take action, and that can´t be repeated enough. This is maybe the point that got neglected the most in the „The Secret“ book, because it takes away the shown easyness and tells people to actiually do something, follow the law of inspired action and do something! Only Jack Canfield says it once or twice but the rest is pointing towards the law of attraction and ask you to „just“ feel the change. The Laws of the Universe ask to be enforced by action.

This is hard for many, especially when you live a contrary life to the one you desire. You get constantly reminded of the situation you are in and you get distracted by doubt and impatience. Even if you actively pursue our goals, the situation might not change as fast as you desire it to. Patience and and a strong will as well as an indestructible belief in the law of attraction and the law of inspired action are the key to your success.

Many wish for a soulmate but are they willing to go the extra mile and put in the work and effort to actively take inspired action to go out, show themselves to the world and actively approach people? Visualizing a specific person knocking on your door one day is just wishful thinking, doubt will kill all momentum as soon as you are close to the right frequency. We tend to overthink which unfortunately sabotages our wishes fulfillment.

That said, action is the engine that transports you to the final goal, but you need to do our part and put gas in the tank. Gas in that case is the work and effort to do whatever is necessary to get what you want, be it the soulmate, financial abundance or the home you always dreamd of.

6 Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

As Buddha said „Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most“ – That also means that every day we have the choice to change the world as well as the world around us has the chance to change us. The Law of perpetual transmutation means exactly that, that life is in constant change and nothing is permanent.

Changes happen even without our conscious participation. Think of the cells in your body who recreate themselves over and over again. Science say that every 7 years all cells have changed and re-vived themselves, meaning every 7 years you have a completely new body to 7 years before!

Change can go in both ways though, and it´s on you to work on change into a positive direction. Always be mindful and try to implement it into a daily routine to focus on change by lifting up your vibrational energy and receive feedback from the Laws of the unviverse constanly lifting your frequency higher and higher. Happyness, love, cheerfulness and peacefulness and equanimity will help you in your progress of change eventually transforming you from within.

Without progress nothing in this world can flourish and just like a flower blossoming in the spring, your mind needs to repeatedly change and work on itself. Think of a child, without absorbing new things day in, day out, how can it ever become an adult? Change is the only thing constant in this world and the law of perpetual transmutation of energy is its keeper.

Law of attraction
7. The Law of Cause and Effect

The 7th Law of the Universe is also called the law of causality, in Buddhism, Karma, as it refers to action which leads to consequences in the future.

We are all connect, and that´s why the law of cause and effect is omnipresent in even the tiniest of actions and the tineist of thoughts. I was refering to the Butterfly effect in the Law of Oneness already but it´s here where this one comes important. Our connected energy is like an eternal ocean and every action causes ripples on the surface.

We constantly observe ourselves to act accordingly to our desires, and show awareness towards we react on people and their actions and words on us. A bad word or a casually comment, misunderstood or misinterpreted because of the tone in the voice could already have an undesired effect. Communication is key here! The Laws of the universe connect as well.

Corresponding reaction to an subjectively received negative action could lead into situations we don´t want. We usually see this mostly in our relationships with family, friends but in our job as well. If your boss is busy himself and under a lot of stress it´s not necessary to weigh up every word or interpret the tone of his voice. Same goes for a mother that is busy preparing a meal but her child asks for attention. We need to be careful in our way of interacting and permanently observe ourselves for the good of all our environment.

8. The Law of Compensation

You get what you give or your reap what you sow – is what the Law of Compensation basically says. It might sound familiar to you since we seemingly covered this in the Law of Attraction. However, we face an important difference here.

We attract what we most focus on, where we mostly put our energy into but that comes with a reward, and that could be a positive or negative one.

Think of a desire you have a long time, in all detail and in all its splendour. Lets assume you always wanted to attract your soulmate and live your life together. Now imagine that it already happened and you are getting your reward. However, it might not be positive in all manners and it could lead you into a situation where you seriously question your desire to live together. Maybe you learn about yourself that you aren´t willing to put the necessary energy or effort in a relationship. Maybe you learn that living with someone is also taking care and being respectful with the others time and space. You reap your what you sow, but you might get more and sometimes that´s good and sometimes that´s bad. Eventually it´s on you to decide how you take a new situation.

9 Law of Relativity

Things exist, but we are the ones who put value into them. Money wouldn´t work without us trusting into the fact that if you go into a store and give a 10.- bill for an item, you get something that is actually worth 10.-. However, the bill and the item have no intrinsic value, we give it to them. That´s the basic meaning of the Law of Relativity.

Nothing is inherently good or bad. Everything is neutral seen seperated from the rest of the world. In isolation a person, an experience or an emotion is neutral until it is put in comparison to something else. Comparing yourself is one of the most delusion inducting things you can ever come across.

Think of a famous person and that wealth and success she has. But do you know if this person is really happy?

If you work in a company and someone is already far ahead on the ladder of success, maybe that person is doing this since years. Don´t compare your step 3 with someone elses step 87.

Another approach is the philosophical one. You might heard about the ancient roman philosopher Seneca. He invented the idea of Stoicism. To be stoic means to accept things as they are without valuating them. To give you an idea about his thoughts, here a quote:

True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future, not to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears but to rest satisfied with what we have, which is sufficient, for he that is so, wants nothing.

Laws of the Universe Biorhythm
10 Law of Polarity

Day and Night, Black and White, Man and Woman, the first and the last, the good and the bad, the many and the few. All examples of opposites, but that´s how the world works. Everything has an opposite, but that´s not good or bad, it just is. That´s what the law of Polarity tells us.

How could the world keep on turning without the tides? How could life be possible on our planet without the change of day and night? Transfered to our lifes, we sometimes go through hard times, experience bad things and feel bad, but on the flipside it helps us embracing the good times even more. The times when the sun shines in our hearts and life is just good and joyful.

The fact that we live in constant change should remind you to stay vigilant of your emotions and don´t despair in times of emotional or financial drought. You can push through and better times are ahead, sometimes even a few steps in the right direction can trigger events that change things to the better. You just need to keep your head held high, the Law of Polarity will effect your life and things will turn to the better. Nature, or better, the whole universe wouldn´t exist without opposites and it starts on a microscopic level and ends in the expansion of the unverse itself. We are a by nature obidient to the Laws of the Universe as well as a part of the whole universe itself, so to understand the connection and the nature of things, we need to understand their opposites.

11 Law of Rhythm

This law is sometimes also refered to as the Law of Perpetual Motion. The Law of Rhythm deals with the movement and development of things and that everything that is and will ever be comes in circles until we break out of them.

Buddhism is a fantastic examples, since it clearly states that you have to repeat to live until you eventually reach enlightenment. You need to follow the rhythm of life until you reached the final spiritual level.

As we stated earlier in other parts of the Laws of the Universe, the only thing constant is change and this change follows a rthythm as well. However, waking up, breakfast, drive to work 9 to 5, coming home, dinner, TV till 10pm, go to bed is also a circle and follows a rhythm. On the other end, if you think about growing up, a child has a different rhythm at every stage of its development. It´s in them where we can see the development, change and the rhythm changes best.

We can decide if we live in a 4/4, 3/4 or a 17/23 measure. Some lifestyle rhythms might seem chaotic to others while a more common one becomes boring over time and again, ask for change. You need to find your rhythm yourself and you´ll clearly start to see other that follow the same and instandly feel the harmony between you.

12 Law of Gender

Last but not least, the Law of Gender, and to make it perfectly clear right from the start, this is not necessarily about biological sex. This „Gender“ means the duality of energy, the masculine and feminie, the ying and yang, or simply the dichotomy of everything that exists.

Even the most butch man, the most feminine woman has energy of the other in the respective body. It might be hidden very well in some cases but the balance is there, that´s what nature says, that´s what the Law of Gender says. Inner happyness and joy lead us towards to enforce one over the other.

You might heard about the story of the old Cherokee teaching his grandson about life. He says that in each person 2 wolves are fighting, one stands for all the evil and despair while the other stands for benevolence, love and joy. The boy asks the old man who will win the fight and the old man answers, „The one you feed“.

In our case, we feed the wolve subconsciously according to our alignment with the Law of Gender.

How can we use the law of the universe with our Biorhythm?

The Laws of the universe are omnipresent in our life, if we like it or not, but so is our Biorhythm! We learned that there is nothing constant and everything is constant change and now we can use our Biorhythm to enforce the change of our current situation towards our goals. We can use the highs of the emotional circle to bring us in tune with the Laws of the Universe. We can use the lows to work hard and take inspired action,using the other 2 circles powers.

You need to take action! …but your Biorhythm can tell you when the timing is most benefitial. It´s about powering up your energy levels using your inner clockwork to use the best days for the specific tasks.

When you are one with everything, you are responding to everything. It´s like in the example of two lovers called being on the same wavelength. Use your Biorhythm to improve your willpower for change of wavelength and therefore success! Change follows a rythm as well, just as your bodys energy flow and strengths.

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Final quote

Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely

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Laws of the Universe

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