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  1. Why you couldn´t manifest money till now
  2. Your 6 step guide to manifesting wealth
  3. Affirmations for a life in abundance
  4. Bonus – Another way to manfest money easier

Manifesting Money is the most demanded manifestation request in the Law of Attraction universe, even before manifesting love. We live in a society where money is the door opener to a lot of lifes attractions. A financial wealthy person tends to be happier as well, having a more positive outlook on life and is usually surrounded by other positive people. Surely, what´s not to like about that? As soon as you are rich, you will have time and energy to put in a loving relationship, learn a new skill or …. Ever said that? If yes, you are not alone!

As for this article we will have a closer look on some manifesting details and answer to questions like
  • Can you really manifest money? – Yes
  • How can I manifest my money fast? – Yes, but harder
  • What do you say for manifesting money? – Affirmations like those at part 3

A lot of Law of Attraction trainers and teachers tend to say it´s not about the money that you need but for the experience or thing you can buy with it. Unfortunately that´s not true, because if money is your problem, money will solve this problem. On the flipside, giving those teachers the benefit fo a doubt and taking their sincere honest intentions in mind, there is another point of view.

By focussing on the object of your desire, the thing / experience, you distract yourself from money and the neediness can´t turn into desperation for money that easy. For some this might be a more doable way since it takes the focus off cash.

So from whoever you read about a solution for to manifest money, keep in mind that it is just one approach of many and you need to find one that resonates with you best.

Before we start with the guide I have prepared for you, lets get a few things out of the way to clean the tables and adjust your receptive mind towards the manifestation of money.

wealth affirmations

Possible emerging challenges to overcome first – Why you couldn´t make it till now?

There a plethora of issues that can trigger a disturbance in the manifestation of money. You need to dig into your opinions and attitudes towards money and ask yourself if you haven´t subconsciously push it away from you.

That usually happens when you got told that money is bad, money is the root of all evil or rich people just got rich by exploiting the poor. In short, you need to find your negative biases towards wealth.

Lets address 11 of the most common sayings

„Better to be poor and a good person than rich and a bad one“

I can´t count how often I heard that. It´s a great way to never take action and always stay in the current position, reassuring oneself that you are already somewhat superior by being poor. What a weird idea. It´s the rich that can afford to donate money, not the poor. It´s the rich that can afford to help and support others, not the poor.

„Why you? What´s so special about you that you think you deserve millions?“

Oh thanks, so you think I don´t deserve it? Another excuse to talk down on people that are aspiring to become more than a random gear wheel in our society dying at 30 but getting buried at 70.

„Money doesn´t grow on trees“

That´s so dumb, but again an excuse to not take action. Sure, it doesn´t grow on trees, you have to work on it, but that doesn´t mean you are forced into your despised 9to5 job for the next 45 years. And yes, „for free“ has died a long time ago, but again it doesn´t need to be hard work, it can be incredibly easy to manifest money almost instantly.

„We don´t have a goldshitter“

Yes, there were things in the past you couldn´t afford, but that´s not necessarily the same in your future. No goldshitter needed, just a change of mind and inspired action as soon as the opportunity opens up.

„Money is for the rich, health is more important anyway“

Well, at least this has some truth in it. Health is truly more important than money but living an abundant lifestyle improves your health as well. Think about the better food you can afford, the more time you have to relax and calm your mind and the lack of stress to think about paying your bills. Health is Nr.1 but Money and Love are right behind it.

„Your are born poor, live with it, accept it“

Excuse Nr. 381 to stay poor and calm yourself with the highly objective fact that you´ll never make it anyway. Getting born into a poor family is one thing, staying there is something totally different. There are certainly more obstacles in your way to become rich but it´s definately possible. Remember, if you don´t even try, you have already lost!

„My life is a struggle and will always be“

Negative self talk is the second worst. It´s just slightly behind victim mentality. Blaming others for your success in life is a guarantee to stay poor and never achieve anything. Dare to stand out and dare to oppose negative believes. They simply aren´t true, so don´t put energy into them. Imagine those thoughts as clouds that pass by. Some might contain rain, thunder and lightning but eventually the sun will shine on you again!

„Manifesting money is esoteric nonsense“

What you believe in is what you get. As the famous Henry Ford said, if you believe it or not, in both cases you are right. If you don´t have faith in yourself you will fail, that´s for certain. As for „esoteric“ part, I think you can easily spot the unknowingness in that statement. We are all energy, that´s a scientific fact and since money consists of energy too, we can draw it into our lifes.

„People with a lot of money are a$$holes“

Jealousy and envy are difficult to overcome, they get fed daily many times. If you see celebrities that are famous and wealthy wihtout poassesing any skills, it´s truly a task of patience and keeping yourself calm to avoid gettting envious. When you dislike other people making money, you close the gates of abundance to you. Rather than getting angry start rejoicing other peoples wealth and abundance. Why do you need to be envious anyway, you´ll soon join their ranks.

„Money comes from hard work“

Just no. It never did. If that would be true, the craftsmen of this world would be the richest and not the smart business people. Do you know a place in the world where the people working in factories and fields have grown massively wealthy? No, because that´s not how it works. While inspired action is necessary, the work you put in needs to be in right fashion with the uttermost positivity and passion. Abundance will come from itself when you follow that path.

„I´m too old, too young, too uneducated, too … „ Fill in whatever else you are „too“ of.

No you are not! It´s again just an excuse and a pretty lame one. Do some research and look when and how others came from rags to riches and manifested money and wealth in their lifes. You´ll find people of all ages, size, heritage, race, religion or however else you differentiate mankind. There is no „too whatever“, just a desperate way to search for the easiest excuse that is.Quit doing that.

The only good time to start is now, and why? Because you are already ready to start at this very moment! Others did it before you, someone does it right now and there will be some that do it in the future. Are you gonna indulge yourself in excuses and postpone and procrastinate or are you willing to change your mindset towards an abundance filled life?

manifesting wealth

The simple guide for the manifestation of money

We already talked about getting rid of limiting beliefes and other mental roadblocks, so you can now start with a fresh and open mind to manifest the amount of money you desire.

What´s most paramount in the process of manifesting money is that you need to learn that nothing of substance will happen if you can’t generate and maintain a positive, trusting attitude.It has to be an absolutely unshakeable beliefe in the fact that you really can have what you want and you are able to manifest money into your life.

1 – For what do you need it

Your intentions must be clear, in this stage and in the next. A vague and manifold interpretable message to the universe will just end up in confusion and a result you hadn´t had in mind when asking in the first place.

It´s the same as with asking for directions. If you are new in town and you want to go for some grocery shopping and the directions you get from the locals are just vague, you´ll walk around far more then necessary.

A laser like focus is crucial! A simple „I just wanna be rich“ has no value in it, literally. Something better would be „I wanna have enough money to pay my debts“ is already clearer.

How about „I want to buy a new house in Santa Barbara / California with at least 20 acres of land, a big pool, a private beach, and so on – Be as precise as possible!

Another examples:

  • I want to send my kids to XYZ school and be able to pay the fees for this school long in advance.
  • My next trip will go to Bora Bora into a 5 star beach resort where I´ll enjoy 3 weeks with my significant other.
  • I´m going to buy that new Porsche Cayenne, with the 4.8l turbo engine in greyish colour and the full luxury interior package.

You see where I´m going with this. Take your time and make a list. Think about it deeply, research on the internet about all the details. I´m certain you´ll find things you haven´t thought about and you now want to include in your desired outcome.

At this stage it´s important to know for what you want that money, in the next step we will cover the detailed amount.

2 – How much precisely do you need

It might sounds like hair-splitting but „need“ is superior in the usage to „want“. Wanting means to not have something with the implication of not be able to get it. Needing is state of, yeah, I need a new toothbrush, no big deal. Mindset matters and here the approach is the key to successful manifesting wealth.

As mentioned in the previous stage, being as precise as possible is paramount. Asking for „financial freedom“ or being able to „buy whatever I want“ are the wrong way to do it. Certainly, that´s what you might want but the universe don´t understand that kind of indecisiveness. On some days, 300.- are already enough, on other days you think about 30M to fit the purpose.

Use the list you wrote in stage 1 and go more in depth with your research. How much money do you really need to fulfill all your desires?


The house in Santa Barbara costs about 10M

Sending your kids to school comes for far less, lets say 50K each year

Holiday trip to Bora Bora is about 25K

Price for the Porsche Cayenne differs widely but you can calculate about 200K for it.

Add the prices and costs to your list and put them together. It´s actually a funny game to put everything on the list since the things you write down excite you. If they don´t and you find it annyoing to research about a price of an item you want, forget it and continue with the next.

The sum under the end of the list should be exact and accurate! No excuses. If you think it´s not worth doing all the searching on the web, you simply seem to not wanting it enough.

Now as you know what you want and how much it costs, start to feel it!

3 – Imagine your future lifestyle

The law of attraction and money manifesting works with emotions and your thoughts about it. To adjust your thoughts you should now start to live the life you imagined when you have that amount of money.

It´s the old „fake it till you make it“ but that´s not said to lie to people or put on a show. It´s about getting into the right vibrations, the right mindset. You need to educate your subconscious mind that you are no longer living in a state of lack but you are now someone that lives in abundance.

Use all your senses doing that! Back to our examples:

How is the view from your new Santa Barbara homes balcony? How does it feel to have the fresh oceanside breeze touching your skin?

Can you see the smile on your kids faces? Do you feel the warmth of their hug when you pick them up?

Can you feel the sun of the beaches of Bora Bora? How does the local delicacies taste? Is the lobster on point?

How is the leather of the seats in your new Porsche smelling? Is your foot already tingling with joy when thinking about the gas pedal?

You have 5 senses, use them! Sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste your desired things in your imagination. That´s not mere wishful thinking, that´s the real deal of experiencing having the thing in your hand right now!

And it doesn´t need to stop there. How would your daily life look like with an abundance of money manifested in your life? Would would change in your diet? Are you wake up later or maybe earlier to enjoy more of your day? Feel it now!

And use the tools of the next stage to amplify your manifestation power even more

money manifestation
4 – Use all available tools

Lets go back to the list you made in stage 1 and 2 and use it now to enhance it´s power.

Create a vision board, or a dream board, however you want to call it. Print some pictures and put it on a board, add all info you can get and make it as specific as you can. See it as the next level of manifesting and enjoy it.

Back to our examples:

Go to a Californian real estate website and check the prices and get your pictures from there. Do a google picture search for Santa Barbara to get an exact idea how your neighborhood will look like.

Visit the schools website and read about their benefits. If you can´find good pictures, write down the advantage your kids will have there and put it on your board in big letters. Add pics of your kids as well.

Bora Bora Google picture search is fantastic for this one. So are websites from travel agencies, preverable those who are specialized on luxurious resorts. They tend to have incredible photos from their destinations you can use to put on your board.

As for the car, visit your local Porsche outlet and get free brochures from your favorite car. Talk to the salesmen! Most of them are happy to tell you about your car of choice and can provide you with insights. Maybe you can even have a test sitting on one of the cars.

Wealth manifesting with meditation is possible as well. You´ll some more details a few paragraphs below.

Affirmations are amazing tool. That´s why they have a special place in this article and you´ll find 30 of the best money manifesting affirmations in part 3.

All of that helps to visualize your desired outcome. See it in your mind and believe having it!

5 – Be grateful for the wealth you already posses

To reduce the stress of manifesting, you need to practise gratitude. Do it now, do it daily, do it weekly, do it always. Include it in your daily life.

You can use a gratitude journal. It works similar to your want-list. Take 10 minutes right after you woke up and 10 minutes before you go to sleep and write down the things that you are grateful for. That can be little things, like a nice smile from a stranger or a really good meal you enjoyed.

Challenge yourself to add at least 5 things each time you sit down. That will „force“ you to think deeper and maybe even re-evaluate your life. You already have a lot of things! The fact that you read this article means you have an internet connection and can communicate with people all over the world. Simple things like these are the basic layer of gratitude.

The reason why this works so well is that your subconscious mind gets told how it is to have enough and that you already live in abundance. The manifestation of money, or other kind of wealth, is just a bonus to your life.

The state of sincere gratitude will also diminish all your worries and fears, even the negative thoughts you maybe have about money. A serene, thankful mind is a powerful weapon against anxiety and stress. Hone your gratitude skills, just as much as your skills in patience. Think about it. When you are already in the state of bliss and have everything you want, there is no need for anything manifesting in the next 24 hours. However, since in some cases it is necessary for the universe to act fast, the following question comes up a lot.

How to manifest money in 24 hours / overnight

That´s a tricky one. I tried it 4 times, never worked out. I must admit, I couldn´t believe in the manifestation within this short period. My logical mind was constantly reminding me that it is almost impossible and the universe listened, just took out the „almost“ and delivered. It is impossible, for me.

However, manifesting money fast, now, instantly AND effortlessly is possible. It´s just a insurmountable hurdle to do for many. The problem is, the short time frame is putting you under stress which creates tension and constant asking if it´s already here.

That´s counterproductive when manifesting money. The steps would be the same, but do you think you are able to handle them in that limited time? In case you have a negative mindset about money, you need to get over that in 24 hours, that´s almost undoable.

The pressure you put yourself into could have disadvantageous effects like not recognizing an opportunity when it approaches you. You might get blinded by a specific way the money needs to come to you, and close yourself to other options.

That said, in my opinion, as from a point of need and want, it is not possible to manifest money overnight for the most of us. Yet, the saying goes „Everybody said it could be done, but than one came around who didn´t knew that, and just did it.“

You can give it a try, maybe with a very low amount and then go from there increasing the number. It´s like with doing pushups. Start with 1, 2 on the next day and so on. Over time, you can become a master of manifesting money and you maybe can do it with big amounts within 24 hours as well.

Manifesting money with meditation

Once the worry about money sets in the body produces stress hormones and that triggers a downward spiral. Meditating can help to calm the mind and relax your spirits to find a haven of peace in yourself. That will clear the mind and you will be able to mainfest money and wealth according to your desires.

Here our meditation for beginners guide

It´s crucial to always see yourself in your minds movie and visualize your life exactly how you want it to be. You can start with a guided meditation or some very short ones. Manifesting money meditation for 3 to 5 minutes can already release many worrysome thoughts and build up an defense system against all the negativity you get bombarded by media and toxic people.

Once a day is good but twice a day would be perfect. Take a few minutes right after you woke up in the morning and another few minutes before you go to bed . Be fully convinced that abundance is your fundamental birthright. If you „don´t have the time“ you might not have the innermost desire for abundance and wealth either.

So no matter how dire your current financial situation might look like, meditation can help you free yourself from these weakening fears.

As an additional help. I added the follwing video. Use it as a background and add the affirmations below to your daily meditation practise.

Interested in a list of helpful manifestation quotes and affirmations? Click here

Powerful Money manifesting affirmations

Maybe a few points before we start. I recetnly received the following question:

Can those affirmations make me rich?

If you are able to sell some, maybe, but they won´t by simply repeating them over and other again. Affirmations, just as meditation, visualization, or yoga are just tools that some or all together are necessary to work out for you. And the biggest misconception about wealth manifesting, or manifesting in general:


It´s maybe the single most undervalued and neglected point in the whole of the Law of Attraction mastery. Yes, mindset is important, yes, to have mental support in form of affirmations and visualization is paramount, but nothing will come to fruition when you just sit in your couch and wait for the delivery.

Imagine a person sitting in a room waiting for the delivery, day in day out, with the goal to manifest a million dollar within 2 weeks. After 2 weeks nothing happened. Repeating the process, 2 weeks later again nothing happened. What will be the most natural thoughts of such a person? Money manifesting is not working. …and that will be the end of that story.

So, use the affirmations as an magnifier for your desires but taken inspired action as soon as you see a chance. Adjust them according to your ideas and attitude and make them your own. They must feel good and believable for you, everything else will just effect a bad gut feel and surfacing doubts are inevitable.

Here are the 30 manifesting money affirmation mantras for you
  1. Whatevery I want, I can afford
  2. I earned my financial freedom
  3. My income drastically exceeds my expenses
  4. I have the power and wisdom to create the success and receive the wealth I desire
  5. Money problems are a thing of my past
  6. Every dollar I spend comes back to me manifold
  7. Negative money talk is for poor people
  8. I naturally attract great fortune
  9. There is always more than enough money in my life
  10. I am grateful for the abundance that I have now


  1. Money is cool and everybody should have more than enough
  2. I am wealthy in more ways than one
  3. Money is the root of all my joy and liberty
  4. I am open and receptive to all kinds of wealth coming into my life
  5. Money creates positive impact in my life
  6. Whatevery I do, it will turn out in me being rich
  7. I´m one with my wealth mindset and easily and effortlessly attract more wealth
  8. Abundance is my lifestyle
  9. The universe conspired to bring me all the money I every asked for
  10. My mind is a powerful magnet for wealth and abundance


  1. Worrying about money is foreign to me
  2. I´m fully aware that there is plenty for all of us
  3. Everything I touch turns into gold
  4. I love money and money loves me back
  5. Financial well-being is my reality
  6. I am a powerful money magnet
  7. Manifesting money is easy for me
  8. I choose to focus on joy and money flows
  9. My bank account has 7 digits
  10. I am worthy of a wealthy life
law of attraction money

Bonus – Another fantastic way to manifest wealth fast

Yes, that´s about using your bodys energy flow to magnify your manifesting powers. If you are new to that, check out our Biorhythm FAQ

We covered that topic in combination with some others already, so here are a few links to check out in case of:

Need to find more positive energy? – Click here – Guide for more positive energy

You want to work on your self love? – Click here – How to love yourself

Searching for inner peace – Click here

How is the bodys energy levels responsible for me manifesting money you might ask. Here a few simple to follow tipps and tricks to apply for a faster and more convenient manifestation procedere.

Emotional cycle

Certainly the most important one of the 3 cycles when it comes to money manifesting. A high in this cycle as an amplifier to attract the opportunities already looming on the horizon. Feel the ubiquitous wealth and abundance around you with all your senses. The high emotional vibration is strengthen your manifestation energy.

An emotionally open mind, attuned to the vibrations of abundance is almost a guarantee to attract the lifestyle you desire. Your bodys biorhythmic energy flow intensifies the connection and trigger events that bring you closer on a physical level. Your in-depth emotional connection will do the rest.

On days of a high in this cycle, you should try to go even deeper in meditation or find a quite place to relax. The vibrations are magnified which leads to a quicker manifestation.

Intellectual cycle

Your mind constantly try to validate things, people or incidents and values them accordingly to your upbringing. Your innate senses and the social environment made you who you are today, and also how you think of money.

The intellect is maybe the most challenging foe you will face when you just started with the idea of a lifestyle of wealth and luxury. It might tell you it´s wishful thinking, daydreaming or overromanitcizing. None of them is true of cource. Work on the flaws and misconceptions when this cycle is on a high.

While the mind is cooling down the emotions and accompanying vibrations, the perfect conditions for doing mental work are layed out.

Use days of highs in the intellectual cycle to lear more about possible opportunites in your job or in your surrroundings. E.g. Is there maybe a chance for a promotion when you learn a certain skills?

Physical cycle

This one gets its importance from around a corner. A wealthy person is also wealthy in health. How can you enjoy your abundance when you permanently feel sick. Certainly if you suffer from an illness that is another story, but even then you can work on yourself.

When it finally happens and the desired abundance enters your life, you´ll feel it physically. It is the reason why I put so much emphasis in „use all your senses“.

A high in this cycle should be used to treat your body, be it in physical exercises or in a wellness oasis. Whatever lift your spirits and makes you feel good in your body is right!

If you know some others whio intend manifesting money in their lifes, and could benefit from this information too, please consider sharing this article on your Social Media accounts or on other place you think it could be helpful.

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Thanks and Namaste!

Written by Werner

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