25 powerful ways to find peace of mind

peace in mind

Peace of mind is a final goal, but it can be already a huge easement to implement some simple yet effective calming techniques in your daily life.

Let me ask you. Do you suffer from overthinking? Are there some toxic people around you? Do you constantly feel under immense pressure? Is there a feeling of like having a lump in the throat because of all the demands people have on you?

If you anser one of those with yes, you maybe already said to yourself – „I gotta find peace of mind“ and you were absolutely right about it. The following article can help you ease your life and revive joy and happiness. Even if you are not as severely affected by something mentioned above, a peaceful mind and possessing inner calm is benefitial for your overall health and will help you make better decisions, like when facing new circumstances or in your relationship.

For the sake of a better reading, I made a seperated the following list and inspiring peace of mind quotes for additional motivation and inspiration. You find the latter here.

Lets get a few questions and misconceptions about peace in mind out of the way.

What´s the meaning and purpose of peace of mind?

The definition of peace of mind says that it is a state of total bliss and contentment. While experiencing it, you don´t feel any worries nor any disturbances from the outside world have an effect on you. It´s felicity without any needs or demands, you are just in peace with the world and yourself.

How to get peace in mind

There are mány ways to eventually reach the peak of spiritual bliss, 25 of them are showed below. You need to find your own way of how to have peace in mind, the ways I present to you are just guides, you need to pick the ones that feel best for you.

Finding peace in mind can´t be forced, it´s actually counterproductive to be too pushy. Patience is key, so is the will to improve and the openness to accept change. If you are in, happiness and composure are the rewards.

Peace of mind or peace of mind?

As a non-native english speaker I deem the message and meaning more important than a grammatically correct way of saying it. While it´s possible to seperate them, like here, it´s what you understand and how you interpret it what´s important. Eventually it comes down to the same thing, answering the question of how to make life easy and joyful again.

How can I implement peace of mind in my daily life right now?

Lets follow the famous quote from Mahatma Ghandi „I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet“ and take responsibility over our peace in mind and don´t let anything or anyone besmirch our mental palace again. Here my 25 ways for you:

peace of mind

Peace of mind starts in your head

1- Fix your mindset

Decide what matters and what not and quit careing about the latter. Take time to observe your thougths and try to find limiting beliefs or cut-and-dried opinions you hold on for far too long. It´s a relieving feeling when you find those believes. The first step is to be aware of them, the next is to replace them with something benefitial, limitless and supportive.

Don´t ruminate gloomy thoughts about things you can change. Accept that they exist and find your peace with it. However, if you have the chance to make a change, then go for it and don´t hold yourself back!

2 – Forget and forgive

Holding grudges is probably the most pointless thing to do. Who is helped by it? If something went wrong, why not directly go to that person that caused the issue and talk it out? Otherwise you are obstructive to your own peace in mind because instead of peaceful thoughts, you repeat a negative experience over and over again without anything changing.

Get rid of guilt and past worries too. If you are the ony who made someone feel bad, go an apologize. Show compassion and make things right again. If it´s necessary apologize to a person your did wrong and ask for forgiveness.

3 – Hone your patience skills

Not everything works out instandly. Some people aren´t ready to forgive you or see their mistakes which made you feel terrible. That´s why you need to hone your patience skills and work on your self being more tolerant and emphatic towards your surroundings. Within time, people will change their behaviour towards you, making the process easier.

You can´t force people to understand your position, nor can you help them when they permanently reject your support. We all learn in different speeds and not before the student is ready for the lesson,the teacher is able to reach his ears.

4 – Mindfulness

We are living in a society which is lead by stress and the demand for success, this way or the other. Most people fall prey to a 9to5 routine as soon as they reached a certain age and a perceived level of security. It´s like people forgot to live in the moment and reduce their happiness to constantly walk on the spot in their hamster wheel.

Take a time out! Get out into nature and just breath and say something like „Here and now“ and try to deeply feel that very moment. Be aware of what is happening in your proximity and enjoy life at every moment, through every moment.

That leads us to as from now on you´ll….

5 – Learn to trust yourself to do the right things

Self doubts are omnipresent in a lot of peoples minds, even in the ones that make big decisions like CEOs or high level politics. They just aren´t showing it. It´s absolutely ok to question a decision. How else can you learn from it and maybe make it better next time`

On the flipside you need to make decisions and stick to them. Dare to do it. You can start with something small like actively deciding to walk a different path to work, drink tea instead of coffee. Constantly making decisions will train your decision making muscle in your mind and big decisions will become easier to make with time.

6 – Enjoy failures

A failure is are just something to worry about when you repeat it permanently. If you see every mistake you make as a chance to learn, life all of sudden becomes a tremendous teacher.

It´s as Einstein said, „The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results“. Try new things and if they don´t work out, so what? What could be the worst possible outcome? You tried which is already 3 steps ahead of people who even dare to start and focus on smart talking instead of taking inspired action.

Fail, fail good, fail again – but never forget to learn!

7 – Avoid toxic people at all cost

…and if they are close family members and you can´t avoid them that easily, try to find spare time without them around. You can also try to point their attention to their negativity. If they are open to listen, they might change. In case of no positive response tell them you don´t to hear their crap anymore.

If you have the chance to, you can even help them with a game. As soon as they come up with something negative, ask them about the positive thing that happen to them. „Force“ them to think positive and come up with at least 3 things that went well in the last couple of days. If they are responsive, they might start think about their attitude themselves.

8 – Opinions are like buttholes everyone has one

But you don´t need to smell them! That means, don’t worry about what others are thinking and even less don interpret what others might think of you. Quit the comparing and quit the gossip. Don´t suck up others peoples bullshit and if you are forced to listen to them, don’t take it personally and see it as a random opinion that doesn´t matter in your world.

The issues is that everybody has some sort of subconscious bias towards someone or something, that´s just natural. It is not natural though to preach an opinion as the only valuable truth. Convincing others about your opinion is the right one, is just as toxic as negative speaking is.

9 – Dare to be yourself, always

Tell people wat you think and what they should change if their actions effect you negatively. Dare to stand up for yourself and do no longer accept getting pushed around. Remember that you are a human being that needs to be respected. Show your personality and don´t hold back. That´s it said you should kick someone or become a bully but just show a healthy dose of self love and self respect.

At the point where others see your self confidence they won´t dare to mess with you again. Especially bullys pick just on the weak, and if you confront them, they will retreat.

10 – Gratitude

The power of gratitude is truly amazing. Think of all the things you have and you already achieved in your life. Praise the small things, like a breathtaking sunrise, a smile you received from a stranger, a compliment you got or the breakfast coffee tasting especially good today.

One by one, you ´ll find more and more things to be grateful for. Train your mindfulness and awareness and write down the things you are grateful for. Work with your list and try to find 3 new things every day. Soon you´ll feel a certain abundance and peace of mind, even in times of lack.

peaceful mindset

Move your body to quiet down your mind

The first 4 are classics, but they occupy that places and status for a good reason.

11 – Meditation

Thousands of years of wisdom were wise man pointed towards the importance of meditation when you want to find peace of mind. A calm mind is a strong mind, one that can make decisions with ease and which can handle everything life throws at him.

If you are new to meditation, start with guided ones. Here an example:

10 minutes in the morning can be enough. There is no need to start with complicated breathing techniques, that can come later. Here a beginners guide

Places for meditation could be everywhere. If you don´t have a place where you can practise at home, go out in nature and find a quite spot, preverably close to the woods or a river.

12 – Affirmations

They aren´t just positive self talk but can alter your mindset and prepare you for the good things that are happning to you soon. It´s like an adjustment of your thought patterns.

Here are 2 free PDFs with free affirmations you can instandly try:



The permanent repetition will install a new way of thinking and re-wire your brain. You align your mind with your goals, which eventually will bring you new ideas to achieve them. It´s exactly that first sense of achievement that will invogirate your mental powers and future goals will be far easier to reach.

13 – Yoga

No need to bend yourself around like crazy. Again, it´s importantt hat you start at all. Do it with guided yoga sessions, some short 10 minutes ones are enough for the start. Check out this one for example_:

The fluid body movements in accordance with your breathing will put your focus on your body and the present moment thus calming your mind in the process.

After a few session, you´ll finds out that peace in mind is something that comes to you naturally when doing your yoga practise. It´s just inherent in the process of relaxing and focusing on the moment that a peaceful mind is inevitable.

14 – Journaling

I already mentioned to write down things you are grateful for at point 10, but keeping a gratitude journal is no the only thing you can use the power of a journal for.

As a start, list 3 things you love about your situation right now. Than write down 3 things you want to change and what you love about your future situation.

Think of keeping your journal as a peace of mind planner. It will always remind you of what you already have and what you achieved in the past. That should boost your self esteem and provide additional peace of mind, since you know you can do it again.

15 – Limit your media consumption

Newspapers sell better when they bring bad news. That´s an unfortuante truth. Certainly, you can inform yourself but don´t let yourself get dragged into that vortex of negativity. It will subliminally manipulate your mind towards a state of fear an anxiety.

Hence why you should minimize the time you spend on reading newspapers or watching the news on TV – without that input you can really focus on yourself.

Same goes for Sociel Media. It it not necessary to comment on Jim Bobs latest drama awith his girlfriend, or Jills last breakfast experiements. Step outside that media world and feel free again.

16- Get rid of your old life

Since you are now aware of what you want and what you don´t want – declutter! Get rid of things you don´t need anymore, things that where part of your old life.

We all decorate our rooms as we feel at a certain episode of our lifes, but as with everthing else, life changes and so the things and visuals we want to surround ourselves with.

Look into your room now, and decide what can go and what can remain as a part of your future life. Maybe you want to buy a new uplifting picture with a bright frame, or go on a local market and buy some natural embellishments for your interior.

17 – Build a happy place

After you got rid of all the old stuff and you already started to bring in new decoration, you can also add a visionboard or a happy board wtih peace of mind symbols like the lotus flower or the Om symbol. Another idea are peace of mind images, like a waterfall or a calm lake. Something that lightens up your mood and gives you the feeling of inner peace when you look at it.

The design is totally up to you, it must fit just your own preferences and ideas. That way you can see it as an artistical way of increasing your peaceful mindset powers.

18 – Get in touch with someone new

So you re-arranged your living space and maybe started to work on your visionboard, now it´s the time to get out and meet new people. Just as much as the old intereior, you need to change old, hindering and maybe even damaging relationships.

Think of something that enjoys you and find other people that share the same interest. You can also start to visit a local yoga group or participate in Chi Gong somewhere in a park. The key is to feel good and there is zero pressure and the new people around you are supportive and encouraging.

19 – Leverage your passion

Meeting new people for Yoga or Chi Gong is awesome, but high likely those aren´t not your main interests and you have other visions and goals. That´s good! You can use them too!

As soon as you do something you enjoy, your body sends out positive signals to your brain which again produces more hormones to level up your experience. The lighthearted state you are in at this point is very close to a peaceful mind.

However, don´t be overly excited and exaggerate. As soon as you feel pressure take a step back and remember your goal of peace in mind.

20 – How to start the day

Or better, lets start even before getting up. Do the best to get enough sleep, always, at least about 8 hours. A rested mind is a calm mind, and you don´t need to be an early bord for that. The amount counts not the when.

As soon as you get up, try to schedule a routine that forces you to do the most annoying task first. You should arrange your workplace or if possible school schedule the same way.

As soon as that is over, a sense of achievement kicks in and the rest of the day becomes a child´s play.

21 – Listen to music

And that´s 2 kinds of music you should listen to. First of course your favorite tunes, simply because it lifts you spirits and brings you in a cheerful mood. Secondly try to listen to comfort music, like the ocean waves at a shallow beach or some meditative chants.

A great song makes you feel good and that´s already the first step towards a blissful state. Negativity has no chance here. The idea is to use all your senses to achieve the final goal of peace of mind, and your ears can be a fantastic way to increase your positivity powers.

22 -Treat yourself

You are body and soul and both need to work together to finally reach the desired euphoria. Start with some simple walks, 10-20 minutes are enough. Inhale fresh air and exhale stress and anxiety. Nature has the effect on us and when we are truly connected a feeling of content develops.

In a next step you can go all in for an exhausting workout. It´s scientifically proven that your body releases benefital hormones after a physical activity. If you don´t want, or can´t do that, try a weekened at a local wellness oasis. Get a massage or visit the sauna.

23 – Mindful eating

No, no advertisement for going vegan here. You can do it if you think it´s the right thing to do, but if you don´t feel well with it, then don´t do it.

Mindful eating is more or less healthy eating and being aware of what and how much you eat. You can try something like a testrun and see if there is progress in your mindset. Be mindful and observe your habits.

A full belly isn´t benefitial for a good nights rest. You can start by stop eating anything 5 hours before you go to sleep. If work or school allow that of course.

24 – Get out of your comfort zone

If you get out of your comfort zone and experience something totally new, you ´ll not only level up your life but increase your self esteem and decrease fear over time.

Think of someone who is afraid of hights. Me for example. If I could bring myself to do a bungee jump, I would be more than proud of myself. I´m also certain that after such an experience I would never ever be that afraid of similar dangerous things again. It´s a soothingness achieved by the fact that you know that you can handle even the most unexpected challenges in life.

25 – Nurture your mind with books

Books activate your imagination. It doesn´t matter of it´s an acient fairy tale or something from J.K. Rowling. A book opens a new world outside of your own and bring you to places you haven´t been before.

Read whatever comes to your mind and interests you, just add positive wholesome stories to the mix.

inner calm


As you saw, developing a peaceful mindset is not hard, but it doesn´t come without any effort. The result is worth the effort though, because such an euphoria in clear conscience can´t be achieved somehow else.

Try out a few of the above mentioned ways and observe yourself of what resonates most with your daily life. Find at least 3 and integrate them in your daily routines and take some time outs at serene places more often to re-think how else you can achieve the ultimate goal of piece of mind.

Do you maybe have another way to get piece in mind? I would be happy if you would share it in the comments.

PS: Did you know that you can use your own bodys energy flow to enhace your spirits as well. Click on the picture below to check out the video that explains more about it.

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