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Biorhythm Central brings you everthing you need to know about how to upgrade the law of attraction. Discover with us the untrodden paths to take

  • Affirmation
  • Visualization
  • Meditation

to the next level. ItĀ“s free and will always be, with the exception of ads at the side we put there to make the blog sustainable. šŸ˜‰ Beside the points mentioned above, you can read here about powerful quotes that are rarely been featured somewhere else and get inspired to follow your dreams and links to guest articles we wrote for other websites.

ā€¦.but why the name Biorhythm Central?

The actual idea of the blog was a simple site to promote a Biorhythm based online course. However, after diving deeper, uncovering secrets of how to connect Biorhythm related topics to the Law of Attraction, things turned serious!

It was astonishing to me that nobody has covered that topic to the professional extend it deserves.

Nobody has improved the ancient wisdom that the Law of Attraction for a long time. It was always taken as a sign of itĀ“s time and just few knew of it. It was simply far more convenient to keep it as it is. What a waste!

The enormous potential of combining 2 proven manifesting and life enhancing techniques into one canĀ“t be underestimated. Now youĀ“ll find plenty of opportunities to unleash that potential on one single blog!

Certainly, that makes the approach a different one since itĀ“s no longer a mere blog to promote a course but a wonderful selection of valuable information and colossal possibilities. The basic idea is still centered around the human being. Since we follow our Biorhythm, voluntarely or not, and work with the Law of Attraction, again voluntarely or not. You see, the blogs name still fits. ItĀ“s centered about humans and their energy.

Check out our blog posts now to learn the truth about multiplying your manifestation powers, magnify your visualization and level up your meditation.

In case you never heard of a Biorhythm before check out our Biorhythm FAQ side here. If you want to learn about Biorhythm compability with your partner, click here.

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Learn about the magic of unparalleled opportunities

There are already cross sections of the Law of Attraction and Biorhythm analyses so why not combine them and improve life with the help of your natural energy flows?

That said, the intention is to NOT reduce the Biorhythm to its 3 core cycles. ItĀ“s about to extend the meaning of the term to the energy flows of our body and what you send out with it.

Some basics though

The Biorhythm chart is an ā€œattempt to predict aspects of a personā€™s life through simple mathematical calculationsā€. ThatĀ“s what Wikipedia says, but itĀ“s far more than that! You might already know something about what a Biorhythm is and why it can be a substantial support for planing things like daily tasks or even big endeavours.

But letĀ“s dive into that for a second. Nature is full of math, just think about the shell of a clam or a snail. They are perfectly alined across a Golden Ratio, or look at flowers and their perfect Fibunacci placement in the inside of the flower.

We are humans and one with nature so we are destined to follow the same rules and get affected by them as well. Here is where Biorhythm charts and Biorhyrthm Calculators can help. As humans we are following patterns, and those can be analysed and shown in the 3 cycles that we continuously pass.

  • Physical cycle 23 days
  • Emotional cycle 28 days
  • Intellectual cycle 33 days.

This works for everyone, nobody can detract himself from it. If you ever felt bad on one day, but felt good at an other, even though the circumstances were the same, here is the answer. Feeling good or bad for no obvious reason can easily explained with Biorhythm charts and calulators. If you havenĀ“t yet, give it a try and see what happens.

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ItĀ“s somehow funny that people almost call it a look into the future. ThatĀ“s certainly an exaggeration and not 100% correct. BUT you can put your efforts in line with your Biorhythm and control your energy and the outcome of a specific task at a certain day. An Example:

Did you ever felt to something out of pure instinct? Do whatĀ“s right out of an inner motivation you canĀ“t explain? ItĀ“s high likely that you were on a high of your emotional circle and your biorhyhthm ā€žtoldā€œ you to act this way or the other.

We become what we think of us the most. If our body energy flows is alging with our intention it manifolds the manifestation process.

If you want a simple Calculator, than use this one. Remember that this is just a glimpse of what a deep in depth biorhythm analyses can do for you

Biorhythm calculation and chart analysis have helped a lot of people improving their live standards. ItĀ“s done by simply following the highs and lows of the 3 cycles to elevate themselves.

Biorhythm Central Summary:

Biorhythm Central is a valuable resource dealling with the upgrade of the basic fundamentals of the Law of Attraction. The selected topics are handpicked and cover various subject that hasnĀ“t been unlocked somewhere else. You just find them here!

Our promise is to always deliver something you can instandly use to improve and live the dream life. ItĀ“s here for the taking. Give it a try and see how it works out for you, you have nothing to lose.

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