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I don´t want t waste your time and just provide you with good clear info about Biorhythm related topics and how you can use it to your advantage. That said, I put together a Biorhythm FAQ so you can easily get your questions answered. I´ll update that section frequently to add new questions that you might have.

How are Biorhythms calculated?

Your body biorhythm starts at your birth and has 3 basic circles that all start at the same time but have different lengths. Those are
Physical cycle 23 days
Emotional cycle 28 days
Intellectual cycle 33 days and they repeat going up and down in an oscillating pattern. Here more info about the basic circles and how they impact your life

What is biorhythm compatibility?

Example: If we are on a high in our emotional cycle and our partner is on a high as well, it will show itself in a correlation of good moods. On the contrary, if both have bad days, like on a low of the emotional cycle its better to be more understanding since your are out of sync at these days. Lern more here

What are Biorhythms used for?

The applications are manifold but as an example it can be used to plan a day or an event or a special occassion. e.g. think of a high in the intellectual cycle where you can plan an exam. scheduling a day or a week around a biorhythm cycle can increase your chances to succeed

How do you know if a couple is compatible?

Speaking from a biorhythm perspective, its simply when the cycles are similar to each others and the partners understand each others flaws on bad days as well. biorhythm compatibility is certainly not a maker or breaker but it can be an additional helper to understand your partner and have a more fulfilling relationship. Here an article that acplains this based on birth dates.

Are biorhythms true?

Do you believe in the law of attraction? If yes, you obviously see that it is working on you. A similar approach is shared on the biorhythm case. while scientists remain sceptical about it, it still can be a huge help for you. Think of a quote like believe in it and you can achieve it. If you believe in the biorhythm it can amplify your life an if not will still have its effect on you, just you not recognizing it. 😉

What is emotional biorhythm? What is the physical biorhythm? What is the intellectual biorhythm?

All of those 3 are the basic structures of oscilating patterns in your bodys energy flow. they come in different days of cycles and effect each other in a good and bad way. e. g. a high on the emotional biorhythm cycle could indicate you being extra empathic and feeling that day. Learn more here

What are biorhythm critical days?

The 3 main cycles oscilate, which means that they go up and down in a sinus curve like pattern,. Critical days are those where one of the 3 is below 20% which indicates that the energy at this particular cycle is on a low and you should chose another day to do an activity that is connected to that cycle.

How can the biorhythm improve my life?

I already mentioned the law of attraction but you can use it in my different other ways as well. think of your biological rhythm as a scheduler, like a Law of attraction (read here more how to do it). In short you can plan events and make yourself accountable for it. It helps with procrastinating and give you a flawless plan to follow.

Is this a secret to manifest easier?

No longer a secret. 😉 you can use it as a guideline and as mentioned above as a planner. The idea is to enhance and magnify your manifesting powers on good days and keep calm and relax on bad ones. You need to be in touch with the Law of Attraction and the Laws of the universe to make things happen. Learn how you can do it here

Why is self love so important?

you might wonder what this question has to do in a biorhythm faq. however, self love is also self caring which again is self respect and self conscious. if you don´t love yourself how can you seriously work on something that effects you life in a positive manner? you must value yourself high as the incredible human being that you are to amplify your bodys energy to reach new hights. I put together a guide for more self love in 6 easy steps here.


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