Biorhythm compatibility

Biorhythm compatibility

Do you and your crush belong together? Is you significant other your soul mate? Do you think a certain person is Mr/Mrs. Right for you?

Lets start with a Biorhythm compatibility explanation:  The main point is to find out if you are compatible with your significant other at a certain time. That means, your feelings today might differ slightly from the ones you have next week. This just in terms of intensity since being in love with somebody isn´t changing from one day to another. If you are single thought, you maybe have a higher chance of fluctuating emotions since you get exposed to many outside interferences that have an impact on your feelings towards a person as well.

Biorhythm compatibility

Always remember: Biorhythms measure good and bad influences, and it´s not a 100% correct forecast and do not define the right person! That means, if you go for a biorhythm compatibility calculator and chart (here is one) and enter your and your loved ones data it can have a different output on different days which again translates in the every day interaction with your partner.

If you are totally new to the idea and how biorhythm works and how to to use it, click here.

Biorhythm love compatibility looks for you and your partner being in sync with each other at a specific time. Putting the charts over each other one can clearly see where the partners will be most in tune with each other on their physical, intellectual and emotional cycle. In other words, a biorhythm relationship analyis is realized by overlaying the charts and watch for convergences and divergences.

  • A convergence is defined as „the process or state of converging“, which means what comes close to each other.
  • A divergence is defined as „the process or state of diverging. „ which means the seperation and distance to one another.


Even though a Biorhythm is unique to each persons birth, it is not said that it can not completely overlap. It´s not necessary but a good sign that you are able to have the same „feel“ as your partner. It´s crucial to keep in mind that biorhythm compatibility interpretation can be limited to short periods of time but you still live in a harmonious relationship. The biorhythm should be used as a measurement and is no THE solution to define your significant other.

What if we are already one?

In the rare case of both partners share the same birthday, they naturally also share the same Biorhythm. A compatibility that is not in synchronization could be benefial as well. Think of days when you are phsycally exhausted but your parnter is on a high. It´s already relieving that one person has the energy and can lift up the other. Relationships are giving and taking, and that also stands for biorhythm compatibility synchronization questions.

There is also no need for despair in case of being totally out of sync and having an opposite wavelength profile. It´s important to understand the implications that come with it and act accordingly.

Biorhythm compatibility calculator

An example of biorhythm compatibility / incompatibility

Mike is a relationship with Wendy. They arrange a biorhythm compatibility test to check the imbalances in their relationships. At the date of testing, Mike is at a low of his emotional cycle, while Wendy cycle is close to the top. That needs Mike to act more careful with his words and actions since Wendy is prone to take things too serious which again could cause anger and discussions that otherwise wouldn´t be necessary.

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