What are the 7 Laws of Attraction?

7 laws of the universe

You might wonder what the 7 laws of attraction are, maybe after seeing the previous post about the 12 laws of the universe. Well, the Law of Attraction is one of the 12 and it has some sub-laws (if that´s a word) too. I think the more we go into details and the the more we know and seperate the different laws or better lessons/lections the better we can understand the Law of attraction and its effects on us. It´s not even complicated but maybe it helps you to magnify your manifestation energy.

Think of it as breaking the LOA down into pieces and putting emphasis on various routines, like affirmations, visualizations or inspired action to attract what you want in life.

In case of you might wonder if the law of attraction is really working, I can assure you it does. Whatever we put our attention too most, is what we get back in return. Be it in love and relationship, at the job or when it comes to our bank account. There are a plethora of amazing stories on the TheSecret website but you can find similar confirmation about the Law of Attraction working on various forums or on the Law of Attraction subreddit.

As usually on this blog, I´ll present you the 7 main laws and what they tell us and end up with a summary and a suggestion how to use it in combination with your biorhythm to make it as easy as possible to manifest and hopefully encourage you to learn even more and practise it daily and lift your body’s energetic frequency to new highs.


  1. The Law of Manifestation
  2. The Law of Magnetism
  3. The Law of Unwavering Desire
  4. The Law of Delicate Balance
  5. The Law of Harmony
  6. The Law of Right Action
  7. The Law of Universal Influence

The Law of Manifestation

The quote „Thoughts become things“ is often overused but there is actually nothing that sums up the Law of Manifestation better. The point is that we are constanly manifesting, without a break, just subconsciously based on our upbringing, our attitude and personal experiences.

What we focus on, we get more of. As in the Matthew effect, the richer getting rich, the poor getting poorer and that´s not limited to finances. Think of people who are hoping from one relatioship to the other because subconsciously they repeatedly manifest the same kind of partners.

This law is the reason why we should be aware of our thoughts and to direct them towards what we want instead of constantly reminding ourselves of what we don´t want. The universe just listens, it doesn´t judge, so if you involuntarly think yourself into a bad life or if you stay positive is your choice.

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The Law of Magnetism

As just shown, the Law of attraction is in permanent action, it never stops even if you wish for it. The Law of Magnetism states that what you attracted into your life up to this life was your decision and you are the magnet in this equation.

Magnet energy is nothing more than energy in a certain frequency and if we resonante with a certain frequency we will draw almost „magnetic“ attraction to what we want.

Again I need to point towards the urgency of thinking positive. That certainly doesn´t instandly solve all your problems, but it will help attracting the right things, people or circumstances that eventually can help you getting out of a difficult situation.

Sending out negative vibrations, I think you know it yourself. What do you get back when you go out and smile at a person? High likely a smile back. If you go out with a face covered in sadness or anger you won´t get a smile back but more likely a rejecting facial expression, a not welcoming or in a worst case even a hostile one.

the 7 laws of attraction

The Law of Unwavering Desire

Unwavering could also be called steadfast or unshakeable and that´s exactly how you must be when you think of the things you want to attract into your life. Work on removing all the doubts, the insecurities and the constant questioning, the overthinking and the confusion.

It´s like taking one step forward, making 2 steps back. You are sabotaging yourself with those thoughts and the Law of Attraction will respond according to your negative self talk.

  • Doubts about the new relationship? You´ll soon find more and more things and habits of your partner you suddenly don´t like.
  • Insecure about the job promotion? You´ll soon find yourself towards a downward spiral so you won´t qualify for the promotion.
  • Questioning about being worthy of receiving love? That just attracts partners that will make you question that even more, leading into a downward spiral of despair and loneliness.

What you need to do is to put a laser-like focus on what you want and ignore what you don´t want. You can actually start writting down of what you don´t want, if that makes it easier for you to find out what you truly want. Just those things that you want honestly and with unwavering desire can manifest in your life.

The Law of Delicate Balance

Life comes in repeating cycles, (just like in a biorhythm 😉 ) which close in a perfect manner. Think of the yingyang symbol, without one you can´t have the other, they are in a perfect cycle, a perfect circle and a perfect balance.

The law of delicate balance says that we need to keep ourselves in a balanced state as well. But how should that be possible in our fast paced, technology driven world where people can get in touch with people on the other side of the planet in an instand?

We need to calm down and express gratitude and find calmness in our mind. You heard about the incredible power of gratitude, and it is real! If we vibrate with gratitude, negative emotions can´t get a grip on us easily. We are already content with the current situation so why bother thinking about who else may have it better or how bad your boss has treated you recently. It´s important to show the appreciation and gratitude about the things you already have, like the mind that made you understand the significace of this article.

Abundance can´t come from an ungrateful mindset, as it´s out of balance. Complaining doesn´t help but a state of calmness can lead you towards solutions to lifes challenges.

Try meditation, there are tons of free guided meditation videos on youtube. Find one that suits you and follow it. I bet you´ll see changes in your environment soon.

law of attraction love money

The Law of Harmony

Based on the previous one, the Law of Harmony explains the connection we share with each other, with all sentient beings and finally with the universe and everything in it.

That also includes the inconvenient truth of the fact that we are connected and „in harmony“ if we feel bad. We are simply connected and in balance with the wrong energy! Not everybody likes the same food, the same job or the same kind of partner and it´s good that way! The balance and harmony of each our seperate desires creates the connections and interactions and finally the harmony. We have to align ourselves with the energy flowing through the Universe and ourt innermost desires.

When you are in the flow of universal energy the world will suddenly become far more interesting because you are now open to new things and new suggestions about what you can do to live a fulfilling and happy life. You are a creator and a creator needs to be creative sometimes.

Connect to the unlimited wisdom, be in a state of harmony and the flood gates of possibilities will be opened.

The Law of Right Action

Where I come from we have a saying that sounds translated a little weird, but I want to share it anyway because it fits the topic of explaining the Law of right action.

How you scream into the woods is how it sounds back.

What sounds a little weird when translated literally means to treat others respectfully and kind and doing the right things are paramount to fulfill your desires. Scream at someone you might get yelled at back. Smile at someone, you get a smile in return. We can interact with others positive and negative and receive according response. Choose the right action!

Actions speak louder than words! It has a good reason why there is already a Law of Inspired Action in the Laws of the universe. You are a magnet and if you resonate self-respect and integrity, the universe will respond back to you in the same way.

On bad days, always remind yourself of still be the role model, if not for others than for you and the universe. Stay vigilant over your actions and try to lend a helping hand even in times of worry. Doing this all the time, even on your worst days, will make the positive things come back to you some day more sooner than later.

Law of attraction

The Law of Universal Influence

I think I came up with the fact that there is a theory that everybody knows everybody on this planet over the link of 5 people. You know your neighbor, he knows a person in a big city, that person knows an artist, that artist knows a famous singer you are a fan of.

Yes, that´s simplified but that´s how it works.

What that means that we impact the life of others since we are interconnected with each others and as you just read, it can be a pretty easy to follow path. Certinaly that also works on a more metaphysical level, like our vibrational energy flow that impacts others around us too and they in return us. Our attitude towards things and people, our believes and ethic values affect people. That again leads to, if you affect them in a positive manner, they will impact you positively as well.

Think of your relationship (or your last), and the influence you already had just on a very superficial level. That could be talking to your partner about something mundane as clothing or cooking or something supposedly similar trivial. Effect is effect and it has an influence on others, every word we speak every task we do.

Consciously choosing positivity in your everyday life provides you with the power to create a universe of positive vibtating energy around you. Be mindful and take care, because every thought, action, and reaction influences literally everything around us.

Conclusion 7 Laws of attraction

You might knew about the 7 laws or felt that there is more to the Law of Attraction. The more we understand how it works, the better we can use it. Given our different upbringing and lifes situations, everybody needs to find his/her own way to approach the laws individualy but the basic underlying principles stay the same for everybody.

However, understanding means not necessarily applying and that´s actually what we need to do. The choice is yours, see the previous article as a nice-to-know or as a starting point towards more learning and a better life in the process.

As the name of this blog suggestes, I want to introduce you to a possibe way to activate the 7 laws of attraction and supercharge your manifesting powers.

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Your Biorhythm and the 7 laws of attraction

Lets step away for a moment from the common way of defining the human biorhythm and think about it from an outside perspective. If we take away the idea of an emotional, physical, and intellectual we remain with cycles, or in other words changes. The world is in conctant change and since we are a part of it, we change according to our lifes circumstances. If you have no knowledge yet of how your biorhythm works, click here.

That said, we can arrange our way of change around our biorhythm cycles and exert them according to the desired outcome using the 7 laws of attraction.

An Example

Jane is in a job she likes but she things she can do better and feels that she is missing something in life. She always had the idea of quitting her job, getting self employed and start her own accounting company. However, she always found excuses to not do it, saying things like there are already many accountants out there or better safe than sorry and stay in the job with safe monthly income.

How could Jane improve her life, think about it deeper, quit the superficial excuses and start to really pursue her dream?

She could meditate in a deeper state and for longer on days of a high in the emotional cycle. This way she can feel more intensively how it would be to have her own company.

She could take some extra time to write down ideas how she could seperate herself with her business from the otehr accounts in town on a day on a high in the intellectual cycle.
She could take a day of and do some foot-work research directly at other accountants offices on days where she has a high in the physical cycle.

That´s just examples, but I think you see where I´m going with it. Another example would be attracting your Twin Flame. Learn more about that here

My suggestion is, give it a try and see if it works for you. Eventually it comes down to your believes, because if you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, it responds, and so is the your bodys energy flow in your biorhythm.

Here a video that shows it in more detail

Biorhythm banner

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