A short success story I found on the internet

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Success story are always fun to read, if they are real or not. Check out the countless of happy people posting their successful manifestation on the “The Secret” page. 

This one is different, even though the actual ending is similar. 

It´s adjusted for better reading and not sure of it´s a true story or not, but it sounds realistic and it has a happy end. 🙂

Story basics got taken from a side about drug addictions, just to give you a little more background. I took out name and gender to not violate any privacy here. 

Just recently I found out about that Biorhythm thing, never gave much about that and dismissed it as esoteric nonsense. However, I was in for a change of mind!

I had a very dark time recently and I felt like all hope was lost and I would never find my way back on track. I had those days in the past but it never felt so intense, like a big fat rock is laying in my belly and weighing heavy on my heart.

Free Biorhythm 1

The first crucial incident which turned things around for me was when a good close friend who couldn´t see me suffer anymore, fowarded an email with a video about a free Biorhythm analyses and how to apply it.

That was a day that especially bad and I felt like the whole world would crush me from all that negativity that happened around me. Bills piling up, a sick relative, an empty bank account and no signs of better days ahead in sight. I was desperate and just thought „Do I really deserve this? Why can´t I have a better life?“.

I felt like a fish that got taken out of the water and is now helplessly lying on the boardwalk trying to get back in his natural habitat, to his „good life“ worth living. There was a voice in the back of my mind that constantly tells me about that light at the end of the tunnel but I had no idea how to get there. That was when this fateful email came in.

The narrator in this video talked about biorhythms and how I could use them to my advantage and how they could help me getting out of my despair. I decided I had nothing to lose and gave it a chance.

And to my surprise, after trying the explained system, the free Biorhythm charts and understanding its patterns, it felt like I now was able to have a glimpse into the future. Like seeing roadblocks and problems coming up, but be prepared and easily step aside and pass them unscathed! Instead of flowing against the stream of life, I was now flowing with it, not even needing much effort to do so. I finally could look in the mirror again with a sense of direction about my life and how I can overcome its challenges.

Understanding and applying the implications of my biorhtyhm circles makes me feel like having some kind of superpower. It encourages me to go out and be myself.

I´m grateful that I got he chance to discover the benefits of the Biorhythm so I have the right prerequesites and knowledge about good and bad days and how to cope with them.

Free Biorhythm 2

That gave me hope and energy to continue in even the most desperate of times.

Check out how the Law of attraction can help too!

Letting go of all negative thinking and adjusting my life to my Biorhythm helped me feel the abundance around me. I finally welcomed all the wealth, health, and love into my life, even if I´m not a millionaire, or a married person yet. The feeling and happyness is what counts!

I hope that my story can give hope and encouragement to people who feel down depressed and loney at this times. You are not alone! We are all connected! Following your Biorhythm can free you from obstacles, you just need to give it a try.

Give it a try

I´m happy to have made the important decision´to watch the video even if I was reluctant at first. Sometimes you just need to get out of your comfort zone to be where you really belong.

What really changed was my attitude towards things. My bank account is still not filled with billions of Dollars and bills still come in, but that´s just how life is and now I can cope with that and deal with difficult decision according to my Biorhythms charts and patterns.

My goals is to keep going this way for I´m certain that my life is better this way and it just can´t improve even more. If you read this and feel anxious or hopeless, I can just tell you there is a way out of that and your Biorhythm can help you!

Thank you!

 – END

Sometimes a person needs just a fixed schedule or something to hang on to make it out of a desperate situation. 


Never hesitate to ask for help or advice in case you need it! A biorhythm chart only serve you as a guide and a supportive instrument to build your destiny upon, it´s not a substitute for medical help!

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