How to apply ancient knowledge in todays technology driven world

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As mentioned in another blog entry, one of the first times a  Biorhythms adjusted approach to life was mentioned by Hippocrates around the year 400 BC. He spoke of good days and bad days to do a certain task and advised his students to follow their rhythm, their biorhythm, even if he didn´t named it that way.

Certainly the ancient Greek knew about the positive impacts of follwing it, but it seemes that it got lost over the milleniums just to be re-discovered in the early 20th century. At this point in time however, the idea of a Biorhythm calculator for a better life became more and more popular.

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Scientists have developed a far more sophisticated way of calculating the Biorhythm because in life things often happen without our direct involvement and reducing a Biorhythm calculator that just contains the three primary waves is limiting it´s effect and use on us. If you have a very control life your cycles length could vary. You need to observe yourself and if you notice a deviation from the standard you need to adjust accordingly.

At our day and age of total computerization we have other ways to handle our Biorhythms data to our advantage, like with online calculators or with apps. That said, I hereby want to introduce you to an app I found that gives you dedicated daily insights, along with critical days, and personal advice for an entire month. They boast with the slogan of world’s first-ever accurate biorhythm software!

Click here to watch the video about how you can benefit from that app!

The app has been tested countless times already, and it’s been proven to work for anyone using it. Examples of how to use it:

  • If you want to know when it´s the best time to ask your crush out for a date
  • If you want to know when to book a vacation
  • If you want to know when to schedule an exam
  • If you want to know when to propose to your loved one
  • If you want to know when to apply for a job
  • If you want to know when to adjust your training routine
  • If you want to know when to be extra careful about your weight gain/loss

The opportunities of how to adjust your life to your Biorhythms patterns are endless. The app can give you a simple yet effective guideline towards a better flow in life. The hussle and grinding gets reduced to a minimum and thus increases your lifes quality.

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Nothing good ever came from a bad attitude, but that´s no longer your problem!

Following the apps advise certainly has an effect on your surroundings too since an increased life quality comes with an overall better feeling in your body which again reflects towards others as well. When you are in line with your feelings, you are ready to fulfill your true purpose in life.

Check out that story for example.

It´s now a choice to feel good and to feel one with the world. You are in the flow and can easily go with the stream, without taking care about minor incidents that might have put you of track in the past.

The law of attracttion works now within you and you can achieve your desires, be it in your job or your relationships. Speaking of which, watch out for the next blog post where we´ll go in depth about birthday compatibility according to you and your partners Biorhythms chart. If you are new to all that, check out the FAQ séction right here. 

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