What is the human Biorhythm and its 3 circles?

Biorhythm circles

You might wondered what is biorhythm and its 3 circles. Lets dive first into Biorhythm analyses and calculation with the 3 circles and end up with a short story

The Physical circle:

This one deals with the feeling and condition of your Physical body. It has effects on your energy level, your physical strength, stamina and resistance to outside interference like diseases. If this circle is above the 50% line in your morning, it foreshadows a powerful day!

On the flipside, if the circle is below 50%, it´s a sign to reduce your physical activity and give your body some rest as often as possible. You will see that resting on such days can even lift your spirits higher on days of your Biorhythm on the positive side of the circle

The emotional circle

Also known as the sensitivity rhythm, this circle deals with the impact of your biorhythm on your nervous system and how it reacts to outside interference. Have you ever experienced days where you were happy for no particular reason and nothing could faze you? Chances are good, you were on a high of the emotional circle these days!

On the opposite, if your circle is below the halfing level, be more careful with your words and emotional reactions towards your surroundings since it supports pessimissm and negative thinking.

The circle of Intellect:

There are days where you feel you could solve a problem within minutes and good ideas are almost bubble out of your mind. That are days when you are in a high level range of the bioryhythm circle of intellect. You brain seems to work faster and is gerenally more alert about its environment.

On days on the lower end of the spectrum, you suffer from understanding new topics or simply get stuck in a situation without any ideas or even clues how to get out.

What is a biorhythm 1

The second level cycles

While most people rely on the 3 main cycles, which is perfectly fine, some add the following 3 cycles to their arsenal to upgrade their life. Those secondary Biorhythm cycles are:

  • Passion cycle
  • Wisdom cycle
  • Mastery cycle

Or alternatively

  • Intuitive cycle 38 days
  • Spiritual cycle 53 days
  • Aestetic circle 43 days

The idea is to get a deeper analyses into human interactions and elevate the basic reading of the basic 3 cycles. With the 2nd level cycles we can gain more information to adjust our lifestyle accordingly to a far more diverse kind of life situations.

All of the secondary biorhythm cycles are calculated by averaging 2 first level cycles.

Physical + Emotional = Passion Cycles

Intellectual + Emotional = Wisdom Cycles

Physical + Intellectual = Mastery Cycles

As we know, cycles can overlap, be in unison or be on the total opposite of the range. This certainly causes either advantageous or disadvantageous development in the 2nd level cycles.

Some more details on the single 2nd level Biorhythm cycles

Passion cycle:

Use the PC to find days where you are more motivate to act towards a goal. Passion is the motivating force that leads into enthusiasm and joyfull creation. It endorses your sensitivity and empathy but also makes you vulnerable to intense negative feelings like hate, anger or despair.

Wisdom Cycle:

The WC in the range above 85 is a good sign that your in a fantastic mental state for wise judgement on a thing, people (like in relationships) or situations. It supports your decision making process and provides you with enhanced common sense and understanding of a specific thing.

Master Cycle:

This one leaves the emotional cycle on the sideline and focusses on the physical and intellectual facettes of your Biorhythm.What happens when you leave your emotions out of the equation is that you are able to see things as they are without judging them. This way you have far more clarity on high level MC days.

The alternatives (or maybe not)

You´ll see that it sometimes just comes to down to how to name the child, in our case the secondary Biorhythm circles. I´ll present them seperately anyway to provide a hollistic overview.

Intuitive Cycle

I´m certain you also sometimes have that inner gut-feel that one thing is totally right or toally wrong. This happens mostly on days of a high level range in the Intuitive cycle. It´s like you can feel a certain outcome and things happen out of serendipities. On bad days, better listen to your analytical mind.

Spiritual Cycle:

As the origin of the word „Spiritual“ (from greek spiritus) already say, this cycle is targeting your spirit and your mind. „Spiro“ also realted, means breathing which is important when practising Yoga or meditation. A high at this cycle could help you getting connected to higher frequencies of your self.

Aesthetic Cycle:

This one helps in creativity and change. During a high in this cycle you are more open to arts, alternative ways of seeing the world and appreciating natures aestetics. While you are open to art and art is also open to you, meaning your mind is evolved towards creative expression.

You see how already pretty close the Law of Attraction methods of using various techniques like affirmations, visualization and “just feeling” it are already close to using your Biorhythm as a guide for easier and faster manifestation.

Learn about how to improve the Law of Attraction using the power of your Biorhythm!

Bonus fun fact:

The history of Biorhythm analyses and charting is not new or can be attributed simply to the works of Dr. Herman Svobod and Dr. Fliess in the early 20th century. Even in ancient Greece, wise man like Hippocrates, told his students about good and bad days and how to use them to their advantage.

How to read a Biorhythm chart

It´s obvious that a level close to the upper turnaround shows an enhanced energy in this circle like feeling robust, healthy, well connected to your environment and awake/in the moment. Certainly the other feelings cover fragility, uneasiness, tenseness or lack of concentration power.

Now lets talk about the cross section. As already touched in the previous paragraphs, the main focus is the middle line, the 50% line or the line of change. That is when the curce line passes from the upper to the lower or vice versa. This is when you have t be careful and observe yourself even more and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

How to read biorhythm percentage / How to read a biorhythm chart

There is actually not big magic behind reading a biorhythm chart or to read meaning in the percentage. Here a common way to use the different levels and how to interpret them. We start with


Bottom – Don´t plan to much in these days, no matter if it´s a workout or a new endeavour.


Low – It´s better to still keep it on a low end of the effort range and even if you feel better than on the level below it´s not the time to go all out here..


Average/low – Slowly but steadily you can start to gain momentum on physical and mental activities. While you are far from the peak, energy is already flowing towards you.


Average/high – Already above average, you start to feel more and more excited about the next days and feel that the energy has returned to you.


High – Ideal for to go out and train, go for a walk or enjoy the day. You feel strong and powerful and you body and mind almost demand activities and challenges to conquer.


Maximal power & energy – Use days of that levels for the most difficult tasks! Take advantage of this situation and work hard on whatever comes to your mind. The energy flow is the highest and even the htoughest job gets done with almost no effort.

Now think about how you can use that highs on the different cycles to enhance your Law of Attraction efforts.

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