The power of Twin Flames

twin flame

You might heard of soulmates and connected souls before but a Twin Flames connection puts that on the next level. You maybe even felt a deep connection to another human being before and thought about your souls being one. That´s something that not everybody is fortunate enough to experience, so consider yourself a lucky person. In case you haven´t, don´t worry, that´s what the following guide is good for. Everybody should eventually meet his/her Twin Flame and accomplish a form of unite that is otherwise impossible to achieve.

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Certainly, if you are sceptic about all of that and you think of Twin Flames, soulmates and connected energy as wishful thinking and too esoteric to work, you might want to reconsider. Give the idea a fair chance and read the article and remember incidents in your life were you instandly became fond with someone. I´m sure it was a great feeling, full of warmth and mutual understanding, like instandly being on the same wave length. If you lose yourself in this memories, you already felt the deep connection between two souls. How can you argue against something you experienced yourself?

But what exactly is a twin flame?

How do you know if you have met your mirror soul? In this guide, I´ll walk you through the 8 stages, how you can attract your Twin Flame into your life including a method that hasn´t been exposed somewhere else yet. I also added a section of quotes and affirmations which should support you on your journey and work as a constant reminder that he/she is out there.

A disclaimer though!

Sometimes you and your twin flame have a different speed of developing and maybe aren´t on the same open mindset frequency that is necessary to really connect. That can happen when life comes in between and stress, a bad day, negativity, or other restraining obstacles are in their way. Think of it as a challenge you have to othercome first before you are ready for the final unity.

A soul connection must be pure, and an entity with a healthy mind and soul is easier to be approached than a troubled one. Give them time, it´s worth it and the unification will be even more powerful because all obstacles are out of the way and nothing disturbs you anymore.

Think of your twin flame as a mirror. It reflects back to you past lessons, accomplishments and growth, be it emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Both sides of the mirror show a different reality but they are actually the same. Together they are whole, the mastery of interwined souls, ready to ascent into the next spiritual level towards a joyful and fulfilling life.

The intuitive feeling of being connected underlines that in a perfect way. It´s a transformational experiences that can start with a bang though. A big bang impact so to speak. Many Twin Flame incidents start with turbulence, drama and pain and are not in an equilibrium until things get dissolved and a balance is possible. That holds true in case you are in a relationship already.

What a twin flames is NOT!

…is if you feel love and compassion towards another human being but it´s just one-sided. If you are in a partnership with someone who not values you and your inner beauty and strength, that person is not your Twin Flame! A toxic relationship is there to teach you a lesson, but it´s not the one you might think of. You don´t balance out a negative persons attitude by being positive. That´s not how it works. This is just exhausting and mentally draining and while do more harm than good.

A Twin Flames relationship is based on respect, sincere appreciation of the other person, accepting boundaries and rules, and a sense of kindness which pulls you together like magnets.

Twin Flames are here with a task for your souls. It´s about enlightening the connected spirit, uplift your level of understanding life and feeling as one with each other. One might need to work more than the other though, so give them time! That time needs to be used for to break up behavioral patters, open up narrow mindsets, or getting rid of old and obstructive habits and routines. Are all challenges finished, you can call the mission accomplished and enjoy the pure and omnipotent love that is radiating from your Twin Flame.

So far for the introduction. Lets sum up a few basics and frequently asked questions before I´ll show the ways to attract your Twin Flame into your life and synchronize both of you into one spiritual entity.

Even if you had times in your life you felt alone, you never weren´t!

twin flames

1.) Twin Flame definition

Lets start with a quick 10 FAQ section here
  1. What is the Twin Flame theory?

The general theory says that a twin flames are two people who were split into different bodies but share the same soul. Naturally that means that you just have one single Twin Flame while ou can have multiple soul mates. TFs are two halves of one soul that have to be united to teach each other important lessons. That means, it is not necessarily a romantic relationship between the two of you, but more like one for mutual empowerment and if that is achieved, you might even go your own ways again. The feeling of having a deep connection remains.

  1. Are Twin Flames real?

Absolutely! The idea of soulmates and twin flames or mirrored souls are two entirely different concepts with different purposes and different outcomes when you meet. Your bodys energy flows are in sync with each other, hence why it´s such an impactful event when you meet your Twin Flame. When you are together, the single one of you seems almost like to cease to exist, since you are now unison with another physical entity. A change in your life is inevitable at this point. Your TF will complete you in a way you haven´t experienced lifting you up to new levels of (spiritual) self worth in the process.

  1. What is the purpose of Twin Flames?

A TF relationship has the purpose to transform you, to become a better person, and from a spiritual aspect, you reaching towards enlightenment. It supports you shifting your perception of yourself and scoops out all the mental clutter that gathered in your mind and soul to eventually work and overcome them. It will help you break down all the barriers in your mind, dispose past garbage and reduce you to your core so you have to face your true self. Only this way you can learn and find a progress in your life that because of the lack of depth in their connection to you, others can´t teach you.

  1. Twin flames vs soulmate – What´s better?

It´s not a matter of better or worse, since their impact on you differes widely from each other. It is possible though that a soul mate can become your twin flame, and vice versa. A soulmate is a mate of the soul, a friend, a companion, someone permanently on our side. A Twin Flame is our mirror, a part of ourselve and if we need to learn some something our TF might not even be on our side on the first encounter. However, just to nail it down, one more time, both are forms of unconditional love and therefore not better or worse than each other!

  1. Are twin flames meant to be together?

For a certain time, yes, but not necessarily forever. Some people, even those who are connected on a different level, come into our lifes to teach us a lesson or help us overcome an obstacle. Maybe we fall in love, maybe we are just friends, or even less. The point is, that your Twin Flame can come into your life and leave after a while, just as with pretty much everybody else we ever meet in our lifes. There is no need to be disappointed when your TF says goodbye though, the time you spend together served it´s purpose of mutual spirit elevation.

  1. What is twin flame love?

If you have the immense luck of falling in love your TW you´ll see that things almost magically fall into place. You are one soul anyway so it shouldn´t be suprising. Chances are high thought that you need to step out of your comfort zone and have acquired a certain maturity to really accept and acknowledge the new situation with your TF around you. Both parties need to be open for the connection and feel the strong attraction and your perfectly complementary appearing. You´ll lose all sense of time when you are together and almost feel disconnected from reality, as cheesy as it sounds, literally like a dream became reality.

  1. What happens when twin flames meet?

The first thing you´ll notice is the deep affection towards each other, some kind of inexpressible understanding. It´s like the first true love, something you have never experienced this way before in your life with being around with another person. It´s like a invisible thread is spun between you and a look or a small gesture is enough to know what the other is thinking and doing next. You´ll instandly know it, trust your intuition and go with the flow. Let change happen and open yourself to an encounter of your own true soul, the one that knows you better that yourself.

  1. Is there just one Twin Flame for me or are there more?

Yes, the term already implies it, twin meaning 2. Most people think of that question when talking about soulmates because there can me more than one. That´s why it´s so crucial to differ between the two. Our mirrored soul enters our lives when both are ready to undergo the process of spiritual awakening and transformation. Unfortunately, some people close themselves and don´t acknowledge the basic idea of a TF so the connection never can be established the way it could be and in a worst case, never happen at all.

  1. Is twin flames telepathy really a thing?

While it sounds science fiction it is a very true thing TFs all over the world experience. Think of being in deep meditation and all of a sudden a thought shots through your head. You know that if you tune in on a radio on a certain frequency, you hear a station. TF telepathy is pretty similar, just very subtle and not as movie makers depict it. It´s more like an immediate subconscious connection, not about sending a detail message to another person with some kind of superpower. The obvious intention of the connection is not always clear in the beginning, so take your time exploring your mind and your TF telepathy.

  1. Do negative Twin Flames exist?

There is a term such as a false twin flame, or even a toxic twin flame. That usually happens when you interpret things into another person that aren´t there. You fantasize about that person but actually it´s just in your imagination. Never force yourself upon somebody or feel forced yourself, that has nothing to do with Twin Flames. You must feel it deep down, otherwise it´s just a mirage and a spiritual transformation can´t happen. Toxic TFs are easy to spot by their lack of empathy and the way they make you feel. If a person makes you miserable, it´s definately not your TF!

twin flame


Lets have another Top 10 but this time of misconceptions about Twin Souls / Twin flames.

1.) Twin Flames are made for each other and should stay together forever

NO! That´s more something for a soulmate. A lot of so called gurus proclaim that the physical union is the highest achievement and the pinncale of togetherness, but that is not true! The universe, or your subconsciousness if you will, is gonna work hard on bringing you on one place at the same time, but if you or your twin flame is not open to get connected, e. g. of negativity, it won´t happen. Same goes for staying by each other forever. Your Twin Soul is here to help you, lift you up, experience unconditional love if you let it happend but it´s not a lifetime partner per se.

2.) Your TF will complete you

NO! It will support you in becoming more complete in your body and mind, not by adding him/herself to the equation but by magnifying your own bodys energy by being there supporting you in the process. Think of it like the coach, your training partner, your biggest fan, your cheerleader, your motivator, your challenger, or your pusher that powers your to new limits. The whole process will unfold in unconditional love which will invigorate you even more when you let it happen in your life and you are open for change and show us areas were we are lacking to work on them.

3.) Unconditional love means tolerating everything the other does

NO! The first person you should alwas treat with unconditional love is you, yourself! A healthy dose of self love, include self respect and self confidence as well and is paramount for a worthwile union. Never acceptany kind of bad behaviour towards you, like cheating, insulting or abuse! It´s true that there is an underlying love in all of that but sometimes it´s covered very well and the one thing that you need to work on is exactly that self confidence. A „Stop, No“ at the right time might be exactly what´s needed to bring your twin on track, for you to show your newly grown powers and for the twin to learn about boundaries.

4.) All Twin Flames will meet each other because of … will.

NO! Fill in the dots with either god, the universe, fate, divine intervention whatever you want. While it´s true that a common energy flow is endorsing the idea of meeting, it doesn´t say you should lean back and just watch from the sideline. A lack of body movement is actually counterproductive to the meeting process, because at this state you radiate on a lower frequency, a lesser active frequency, and therefore the chances of meeting are decreased. Think of it as a radio with batteries that are not even half full, you won´t be able to play loud music it with for long. So, go out, get in contact with people, try to find the fun in the runnercChaser game.

5.) The world won´t let us be together

NO! I was adressing above that there is no divine intervention involved when it comes to get in touch with your Twin soul, that means the positive and negative intervention. While we might live in difficult times, it´s not that the world, bad energy, your parents or whoever else comes to your mind are working against you. There is a chance that you perceive some people in your proximity as negative spirits, negative influences, but that has nothing to do with you and your Twin Flame still seperated. The connection is alwas there, maybe it´s not the right time to be literally in touch with each other. Stay patient, stay open minded and positive and things will develop in your direction.

6.) There are shortcuts and quick fixes for your wholeness together

NO! …but I must admit, it would be nice. Unfortunately that´s also seducing attempts by scam artists to persuade people into buying their products for a quicker spiritual union. That will never work, at least not just by using this single one method. It needs an interaction of many different factors that need to work together to attract your twin flame. Beside all that, you must find what resonates most with you and how you feel about a specific method. If you are deeply convinced by one, don´t let yourself distracted and follow it until you reached the soul twins union.

7.) You can only find real happiness when you found your TF

NO! The unification with your Twin Flame is not the ultimate goal and omnipotent enlightenment that brings you a life of blissful joy. That´s putting things on the long bench and will have a negative effect on you within time. Never ever rely on someone else to make you feel happy! Self love is the all-underlying power you need to develop to that kind of emotions and you need to hone your skill. If you wait for your twin soul to appear and it doesn´t for a longer time, you high likely get annoyed, desperate and angry which will only deter your TF from appearing.

8.) Only with your twin you´ll be able to do this and that

NO! It´s similar to the one above with the difference that this time it´s not about happiness alone but about everything else you want to achieve in life as well. In this misconception, not only self-love is important, but self confidence, self respect and self esteem are too. Believe in yourself, start the day with positive expectations and use affirmations if you struggle when doing that. Over time you´ll develop what´s necessary to be sure to take on all challenges life throws at you. Remember, most if the time, things come into your life when you least expect them, which also means focus on yourself first and things will fall into place.

9.) Over romanticizing the idea of togetherness and total union making you one

NO! Don´t do that. The basic idea of the Twin Flame journey is all about waking up to the fact that you are the key to unlock your lifes secrets and your twin flame is there to help you unveiling them. The unconditional love will be shared and elevate you and certainly enough the emotional response to it will be other-wordly. However, don´t stress that and don´t fall prey to putting too much emphasis on the union while you are still working on yourself. The „YOU“ is the decisive factor. Growth, intensified and deepened self awareness, the opening your mind and soul, that´s the expactations and things you need to focus on.

10.) Seing the number 11:11 all the time is a sign that my TF is near

NO! What you focus on, you´ll get more of. That means, if you focus on seeing the number 1111 everywhere you go, is putting focus on the number not on the actual Twin soul openess. While it´s true that 11:11 stands for synchronicity of two entities it´s not the main attractor. It could be the start to find your one true self, fulfilling the sincerely loving desires of your soul. Manifestation will happen when you align your thought patterns and consciousness and subconsciousness work hand in hand towards one goal. Life is a result of your choices, but you can work to make the best possible at each given time!

mirror souls signs

2.) Guide to find your mirrored soul

In order to allow your Twin Flame into your life a few prerequisites need to be put in place. Remember, when two twin flames meet, it´s like an emotional rollercoaster ride, like a lightning has striken you, and all of a sudden you can sense that this is an immensely important person. You want to be prepared!

The purpose of the twin flame is assist you reaching a new level, be it spiritually or mentally. We resonate with our TFs on the deepest spiritual level, like two tuning forks vibrating on the same frequency. Your mind needs to be open though!

A turned of radio doesn´t make any noise, and so you are when you aren´t open to resonate. Synchronicity sometimes needs time and effort to be accomplished. Work on your openness and try to calm your mind as often as possible. Peace in mind is a powerful tool that enables your to really feel yourself and be aware of who you really are.

As soon as you develop the connecting and one mindset, the path to your unification is cleared! But how do you recognize that your mirror soul is near? Watch for the signs!

11 & 1 Twin Flame Signs

And don´t worry, they are easy to spot! It will come natural to both of you and converging towards each other will just intensify the signs and signals. Look out for one or more of the following:

1 An overwhleming but strangly familiar sense of recognition, almost like a deja vu between you, almost like you have met this person many times before .

2 You have this gut-feel, a weird sense of not butterflys but something else in your belly. It´s not bad but weirdly exciting in a totally uncommon way

3 There is a sense of immediate connection or instant understanding between you, like as if you would have talked for hours already

4 You sense an importance in the presence of this person in your life and you can almost foresee that this person will bring a positive change

5 Just as with seeing 11:11 many times or intense emotions of someone reaching out, you anticipate the coming of your Twin Flame long before he/she really enters your world with the physical body.

6 Straight awy from the first look on each other there were feelings of trust and safety around that person, something similar as you would come home after a long journey.

7 A forthwith telepathic connection is establish. Telepathic not in the science fiction way but from an understanding and thinking similar thoughts kind of view.

8 You experience a ying&yang effect on you, which manifests in you placing your soul in your mirror flames void and vice versa

9 At first view there is a sentiment of total transparency, unvolunterely effected by your subconsciousness. While you would feel vulnerable when such feelings occur with someone else it´s perfectly fine this time.

10 From the first few moments on, you already feel the extension of yourself in the other, like a leveled up version of yourself, a final completion as a human being.

11 There will be differences in your behaviour and demeanour but as much you seem to be the polar opposites, it´s the underlying spiritual connection that makes the understanding working.

11 & 1 When you are together, the interconnection of your sould will boost your self confidence and lift up both of you towards an experience in life that you haven´t felt before.

Bonus 11 & 11 – At the final stage of your journey, compassion in it´s most truest sense of the world will unfold and enable you to trespasses all boundaries and make past relationships look like mere infatuations.

These were the signs and if you got lucky and found your twin flame, the following is the most common process you will pass through, the 8 Twin Flame cycles.

twin flames love

8 Twin Flames stages / cycles

Twin flames are said to be beings that aid our souls in finding completion and to experience unconditional love and grow immensely as people. Experience harmony in your twin flame relationship is dependent on your level of soulful maturity thought, that´s why you need to pass all hat stage for the final fulfillment.

Stage 1: Yearning for “The One”

In this stage, the priming happens that allows you to align with your TF that you were subconsciously yearning for since birth. You can feel an adjustment in your vibrations that makes you expect someone very special that is coming closer and closer and will soon enter your life. You can´t see that person yet, but the feeling gets stronger. Think of it as a preparing, like if you get straighend out to be in a parallel line with the soon-to-meet mirror soul. Maybe some changes happened, like a shift in your thinking or your self preception, like find a new kind of self love towards you. For others, this preliminary stage shows itself in the form of a development in self awareness, a new discovery and or an understanding.

Stage 2: Glimpsing “The One”

At all the preparing, there will come the day when you eventually get a first impression of your twin flame. That can happen in a real life incident, a brief passing in a train for example, or it can happen in a dream or a Deju Vu. All of a sudden, the presence of that other soul can be felt. Certainly, that event has an impact on you. It will send you on a emotional rollercoaster ride of being amazed, maybe slightly fearful of the new situation, but on the flipside joyful and anticipating whats next to come. The intensified curiosity will overwhelm you and even if you start cautiously with tiny steps, the excitement of coming closer to that very special person is empowering you to go on. At this point, you still don´t know why this person is so special, it´s just the immensily strong feeling that it is.

Stage 3: Falling in love

That will hit you like a freight train! …but fortunately in a good way. It will be a one-of-a-kind intensity that you haven´t experienced before. If might feel like you are flying, like not only one but a huge amount of butterflys twirl in your insights, giving you a constant tingling sensation. And it gets even better! The better you get to know your Twin flame, the more you will fall for him/her. It will be hard to keep your emotions together and hold your grip on reality. You might feel lovesick, lightheaded or like a different verion of you. Maybe you even try to resists the attraction at first, because it´s simply to overwhelming, but eventually, you’ll open up and acknowledge that you are madly in love and surrender to your TF

Stage 4: The Fairy-Tale relationship

When both of you are open for a relationship and the unification happens, it will be like dancing through a wonderland. The relationship will be as perfect as it can be, in every possible and impossible way. Your TF will fulfill every single need you have and everything you ever possibly wanted. The mutual understanding and respect will be elveated by the subconscious connection, making the interaction flawless and meaningful. It´s a taste of heaven on earth, since you are in for a test of time and endurance before you finally reach the last stage of becoming one.

Stage 5: Outer turmoil and inner purging

Unfortunately the previous stage has come to an end and we enter stage 5 where things cool down and maybe even get ugly. The permanent highs of the first initial meeting and interacting is over and both your egos join the game. All of a sudden, differences appear where there was total commonness before, personality and behaviour change in the perception and old core wounds emerge out of the past.

What you need to understand is, that because of your twin flame mirrors your soul, it not only mirrors the light but the darker sides as well. Beside that, you could uncover material differences, like you being an introvert, your TF an extrovert, you being a silent person, while your TF is very talkative. If you tend to be high on yourself, your twin flame will most likely be uncertain and tranquil. The reason why that happens is so our TF challenge us to face our lacks and insecurities and that won´t be an easy or enjoyable thing to do.

While all that sounds like the end of a fairytale relationship in a destructive manner, it is necessary for your growth. Without getting yanked out of your comfort zone, no personal growth is possible. It´s a stage you need to push through, it´s worth it at the end.

Stage 6: The runner and the chaser

I´ll explain the runner/chaser dynamics in the next section more detailed. As for now, you just need to know that this tension release energy that one of you won´t be able to withstand against anymore and run away first. What follows is somewhat of a cat and mouse game.

This sometimes involves emotional shutdown and silent treatments, or physical separation. Not even the permanent termination of the relationship is out of question and unfortunately possible at this point. It´s a trial by fire, and you both risk to get burned while enduring it. The outcomes can´t be more divergent, as some relationships last and get strengthened by the process while others crumble to pieces. Here it highly dependents on each partners souls maturity. While the runner is the more passive part, the chaser is often the more mentally and emotionally mature partner who tries to clear the obstacles and sort things out.

Stage 7: Surrender and dissolution

When the dark aspects of your relationship has been uncovered you may encounter feelings of surrender and helplessness. After all that anger and pain, the arguing, the distress and provocations you both start to begin to open up again. This supports both of you to experience a lot of ego dissolution and soulful growth. As you take the energy from your egos, things will become clearer naturally. Old wounds and insecurities are now past amd the mutual understanding of the nature of the other manifests. You begin to learn how to work through your differences and establish a more mature form of your relationship. It´s now far deeper and far more connected, strengthening the bond in the process. For some the understanding comes easy but some others might go through stages six and seven a few times before they reach the final stage, the ultimate goal.

Stage 8: Oneness

Within time and step by step the issues and challenges in your relationship will beomce easier and easier to cope with and you will finally reach the final stage for the ulimate oneness. A common experience at this stage is the sharing of meanig and purpose in life and a mutual sense of fulfillment. The go steps back further and further and the mind relaxes. The empty space is now occupied by a deep understanding, empathy, forgiveness and patience. The more you work through your arguments and taking down the challenges one by one, the closer you come to the enlightenment that is oneness or the total abandonment of the ego.

twin flames meaning

Runner / Chaser relationship / Runner

The runner is the hunted one, the rejector of the connection. He/she runs away from the unification. That could have as many reasons as there are grains of sand in the desert, but it usually can be reduced to things like the other being pushy, wanting to come closer and closer or constantly challenging the runner for to expose himself more to the chaser.

The runner sometimes feels like all what just happened is too good to be true. He can´t accept that this is real and the other person emotions towards him are real as well. Those kinds of thoughts and sentiment is based on past issues and relationships that went wrong. The idea of being invested in a partnership, open up all emotional barriers and becoming vulnberable are scary for the runner, and he does everything to avoid that.

Mind vs. Love I

The vulnerability they felt after meeting this person caught them off guard. It was as if that person instandly had access to their deepest self, and that with ease. It´s frightening and so they activate their defenese mechanism. They perceive the other’s deep expression of emotion as something too much too asked for to reply in the same manner, to the same extent.

Their ego tricks them though! It´s like their subconsciousness is working against them, permanently delivering new excuses to get too close to the other person. They are certain that the chaser will leave them sooner or later and they will be left behind again, feeling lonely, unloved and rejected. As you see, they aren´t actually running away from the other, but from their own insecurities.

The result of that behaviour is that the distance becomes an ally to purify their hearts, supporting them to realize how special their bond is. Runners love is powerful. It is hard to stay away from what you desire the most. Runners are also always trying to fix the situation same as Chasers, just from a total opposite way.

Runner / Chaser relationship / Chaser

The chaser expects a tremendous amount of pain in a love this passionate but they are willing to take it. To them, the benefits are worth the risk. They are aware that confusion and fighting lays ahead but they are ready to do whatever is necessary to unify. Staying seperated is not even an option.

The Chaser is a very giving person that is prepared to gives his full heart and even more if requested. Certainly that comes with the price of overexposing and the chance of getting rejected. Their love is so deep though, that to them this is the single one connnection that it is worth it going all in again.

Mind vs. Love II

They are stubborn in their efforts to a point to where it becomes almost delusional. They are absolutely certain of the importance of the connection. The anger and frustration they get from the other don´t make them remain unscathed. They push it away to not be viewed as the weak part. Again, an ego issue, this time from the opposite site of the angle.

Thoughts like „Maybe if they are perfect, the other will love them in the same way“ appear in their mind, but it is just as problematic as the „stay away“ mentality of the runner. The efforts could lead to desperation and it´s unfathomable to them why the other is so reluctant and hesitating. Their love can conquer anything and the runner has to accept that as a reality.

A twin flame chaser will “hold space” for the twin flame runner. That means that they are willing to accompany the other through thin kand thin, whatever comes their way, they will stay by their side. Even if all hell breaks loose and the runner gets scared again, they don´t judge but support him with unconditional love.

When we hold space for them, we open our hearts, offer unconditional support, and let go of judgement and control.

Twin Flames Love

As we already know, a Twin flame is someone who’s more than a mere soulmate but your mirror soul. The runner / chaser dynamics give it a totally different range of emotional involvement and in opposite to your soulmate your twin flame is not necessarily a romantic relationship.

YES it can! However, while the bond connection that is shared between Twin Flames is formidable and burns with unconditional love, it is possible that your mirror soul is just a friend or a companion of some kind. Keep the purpose of a TF relationship in mind, it´s not about romance, it´s about mental and spiritual development.

The purpose of having a twin flame is to awaken us and to show us who we really are and if we have problems to solve, we can do it with the help of our TF. It could be that you need support to acknowledge the beautiful person that you, to develop self love or self appreciation. It coulds also be to give you strenght in case you need to get over a past relationship that went awry.

Think of it as a healing process. You are hurt from your past experiences and maybe even from your upbringing. Such things leave their mark on our souls but your TF is there for you to elevate your spirit and get over that incidents. It takes a napkin of love and cleans the spots of emotional dirt on your soul.

A fairy tale of a different kind

While a dance on could 9 with your TF would be an incredible feeling, it´s not the final goal and the chance of your TF being somewhat of a guardian, a mentor or even a best friend is more likely.

Think of it. A kiss on the cheek and a hug can be far more connecting and intense than a romantic scene. It´s a matter of who you hug and who you kiss that makes the difference.

The point is, while would be nice, it´s no „must have“. Remember the opposite that you TF represents as well. It might be damaging if you would be too close over a longer period of time. The intensity of your connection and what it entails has a serious impact on your daily life, since it constantly occupies your thoughts.

Your TF will be a fairy-tale relationship, but more like in the original sense of the word. Your mirrored soul will be the fairy that fulfills your deepest desires and empower you to grow. It is a magic creature, that is just here to aid you to become who you are supposed to be.

All your conversation and interactions will feel natural and the understanding almost magical. All the advise and suggestions will lead you towards the only true you, eventually living life tob the fullest with the knowledge of your TF always at your side in case of need.

30 Twin Flame Affirmations

  1. I´m one with my Twin Flame at this very moment
  2. My body and mind are one and so is my soul with my twin flame
  3. I can already feel my twin flames presence in my life
  4. Souls are ment to meet and so are we
  5. I´m the sender and receiver and the source
  6. Nothing will hold us back to meet each other
  7. I trust the divine timing to bring us together
  8. My relationships are joyful, loving and in unity
  9. I am surrounded by love and everything falls into place
  10. Life is a positive experience we now share together
10 – 20
  1. I´m one with the world and everything in it
  2. Gratitude opened the door and my heart was the key
  3. I´m the master/mistress of my happiness
  4. Symbols, numbers and other signs magically appear before me tell me that my twin flame is on it´s way to me
  5. I´m on this planet to live life to the fullest filled with joy and love
  6. Our spiritual union is eternal and can´t be broken
  7. I know that my mirroring soul is near
  8. Synchronicity oozes through both our lifes
  9. The hole in my heart has the same shape as you and I´m welcoming you to close it again
  10. I am holding my Twin Flame in my arms right now
20 – 30
  1. Our fingers are interlaced while we gace to the sky
  2. I can already feel the harmony between us
  3. Meeting you feels like finally „being home“ whereever we are
  4. When I´m with you, I´m undetached from all earthly things
  5. My soul jumps of joy when I look into your loving eyes
  6. I radiate love and it is returned to me multiplied many fold
  7. My reality changes so our paths can finally cross
  8. Our union is sacred like a divine bond blessed by the universe
  9. l feel the alignment and see our togtherness in my dreams
  10. We are one
TF Meditation

As you might know, meditation has a healthy positive effect you by releasing stress and calming the mind. It helps you focussing on those things that are really important and amplify your concentration powers.

If you are new to meditation, start with guided ones. There are plenty of them on youtube, just enter „guided meditations“ in the search bar and listen to a few and figure out which resonantes best with you.They usually work with a story or with a mental companion that supports you on your journey into a meditative state.

Another way would be to use the affirmation that resonates with you the best and repeat it while sitting in a quite room, eyes closed focussing on your breath. Meditation for twin flames is something you need to adjust to your mindset and preferences. It´s tremendously important that the words and phrases resonante with you and you feel good while recitating them. Don´t force a template on yourself when it doesn´t have a positive effect on you.

Even if you are already in a relationship, this kind of meditation can help you deepen and extend your love towards your partner. While in meditation, you can focus on all the positive attributes you like on your partner and open your heart to renew or revive your feelings.

3.) Twin Flames Quotes

For some people, “the point of no return” begins at the very moment their souls become aware of each others’ existence –

C. JoyBell C.

My soul has always remembered you, my mind is just trying to catch up

Nikki Rowe

Only the bravest souls signed up for the twin flame journey

Beti Kotevski

We think we meet someone with our eyes. But we actually meet them with our soul

Mimi Novic

There is a special bond between twin soulmates – unconditional love, respect for each other, bringing out the best in each other, and highly compatible

Mettrie L

The way our fingers intertwine feels so natural and right; as if our hands hold memories of meeting in a thousand other lifetimes

John Mark Green

Loving you feels like my commitment to eternity a long time ago

Nicola An

The extraordinary Soul Mate and Twin Flame encounters, makes one feel as if they have just arrived at a temple. They have been given access to the Divine. As they enter the room where the holy of holies resides, they can sense the spark of the Almighty deep within each other

Serena Jade

You only have one twin flame. One soul that can bring you back to your true authentic self. One soul who truly loves every part of you. You are eternally connected and unlike other connectionsit´s the only love that can never ve eroded by time and difficulties


Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable

Bruce Lee


You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly

Sam Keen

Every soul has a twin, a rflection of themselves – the kindred spirit. No matter where they are or how far away they are, even in different dimensions, they will always find another

Julie Dillon

Souls that belong to each other will always find their way back together


When one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, whether he be a lover of youth or a lover of another sort, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight, as I may say, even for a moment


Know that we have met before and that we will meet again. I will find my way to you in the next life, and every life after that

Mia Hollow

Soul Mates and Twin Flames are not profane, they are a spiritual gift for each other to further their oneness with their soul, and the divine

Serena Jade

Twin flames are always ‘on the same page’. This is due to the fact that you actually have the same internal frequency of energy vibrations

Katya Ki

For some people, “the point of no return” begins at the very moment their souls become aware of each others’ existence

C. JoyBell C.

Twins are two bodies that dance to each other’s joy. Two minds that drown in each other’s despair. Two spirits that fly with each other’s love. Twins are two separate beings conjoined at the heart

Kamand Kojouri

Twin flames burn eternal. Destine to shine bright in a united embrace that is set to last for an eternity

Truth Devour


A bond between souls is ancient — older than the planet

Dianna Hardy

I am woven into you, you are woven into me, through our combined vision, we can see eternity

Collette O’Mahony

When you find your twin flame you also find your freedom, for there is nothing more exhilarating, wild and free than absolute soul love

Melody Lee

I am in you and you in me. Mutual in divine love

William Blake

The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along


There are no accidental meetings between souls

Sheila Burke

If you really have met your twin flame, you will feel the support of the Universe, no matter what difficulties you encounter. You will simply feel that you trust the process of life because you feel that the universe itself leads you through life

Katya Ki

Our hearts speak the same language but more importantly our souls share the same voice

Nikki Rowe

People usually fall in love. But some people were born in love. Already. And always

C. JoyBell C.

You and your twin flame have incarnated on Earth many times to prepare for this lifetime where you two and other twin flames strategically located all over the world, will anchor immense divine light on Earth and raise the vibrations of both the Earth and humanity

Twin Flame Guides

4.) Strenghten your Twin Flames connection

I won´t reguritate what you can easily find somewhere else on this blog, so here are a few links to check out

  • You want to work on your self love? – Click here
  • Biorhythm partner compability – How does that work? – Click here
  • Biorhythm partner compability with birth dates – a deeper dive – Click here
  • Need to find more positive energy? – Click here
  • Searching for inner calmness – Click here
  • Maybe not a Twin Flame but an actually toxic person – Click here

That out of the way, I can tell you , that yes, even with twin flame manifestation and you can use the power of your bodys energy flow to attract your significant other soul to you faster.

As you saw above, I already wrote a Biorhythm compability article (linked above), but in this one I want to go deeper into the spiritual aspect of biorhythm energy cycles and having it in concordance with your twin flame.

Emotional cycle

Absolutely the most important one of the 3 cycles when it comes to twin soul unification.

The co-dependence and co-existance on a spiritual, emotional level is ubiquitous and it´s power and the effects can be lifted by using a high in this cycle as an amplifier. The mirroring of a high emotional vibration is working as an upheaval to your common energy.

An emotionally open mind, attuned to the electromagnetic vibrations of the other soul is almost a guarantee to attract your TF into your life. Your bodys biorhythmic energy flow intensifies the connection and trigger events that bring you closer to each other on a physical level as well. Your deep emotional connection will do the rest then.

Think of it as a energy exchange in conformity with your bodies natural energy cycles. On days of a high in this cycle, you should try to go even deeper in meditation or find a quite place to relax and mentally reach out to your Twin. The vibrations are magnified and a soul union more likely to appear soon.

Intellectual cycle

The mind always try to validate things, people or incidents and values them accordingly to your upbringing. Your innate senses and the social environment made you who you are today, and also how you think of things.

The intellect is maybe the most challenging foe you will face when you just started with the idea of a twin flame of yours existing. It might tell you it´s wishful thinking, daydreaming or overromanitcizing. None of them is true of cource, but the mind is a terrible opponent when it comes to installing new paradigms into your subconsciousness.

Hone your patience skills while working on you. Good things need time, as the saying goes and there are actually flaws and misconceptions you can work on when this cycle is on a high.

Use days of highs in the intellectual cycle to lear more about Twin Flames and how you can improve yourself to become a better human and a better attractor for your soul twins energy.

While the mind is cooling down the emotions and accompanying vibrations, the perfect conditions for doing mental work are layed out.

Physical cycle

While pysical attraction alone is not the enabler to define and recognize your twin flame, it works on a different level. Your connection is based on radiating energy on the same frequency, and since our physical body is made of atoms that radiate energy it´s just natural that we feel a tingling or goosebumps when our TF is around.

It is said that up to 70% of our communication is non-verbal, which means that the signals our bodys send out are far more important and revealing than what we say. So when it finally happens and ou meet your TF you´ll feel it and communicate your interest of a union with your body which in effect makes it easier to get closer. It´s like two souls communicate with their bodies, trying to overcome the shyness and retícence and be together as one.

A high in this cycle should be used to treat your body, be it in physical exercises or in a wellness oasis. What ever lift your spirits and makes you feel good in your body is right!

Going second level – The Cycle of spirituality

As you might know, the Biorhythm has a second level of cycles of which of one is the cycle of spirituality. In opposite to the 3 basic cycles, the spiritual one is far longer, extending over 53 days. That also means that you need to wait longer to get into the highs and be able to take advantage of them accordingly.

The greek word „spiro“ means breathing which is important when practising Yoga or meditation. When doing those your body and mind become one and more aware of oneself. It´s like taking a step back from the daily troubles and rearrange your focus on you. The effects are almost visible even after a few turns of bringing your body and mind together and feeling the real you.

As for beginners, again my advise to try to use a guided meditation to start. Go to Youtube, enter „guided meditation“ in the search bar and listen to a few which are popping out most to you. The idea is get led into a meditative state where you are able to connect to the real spiritual you.

The conclusion is, that a high at this cycle could help you getting connected to higher frequencies of your self. That empowers your self-confidence, self-esteem and self awareness which again are decisive to level up your vibrations towards a TF unification.

Wanna learn more about how to use your biorhythm to your advantage? Click on the picture below to find out!

love biorhythm

Need more help? How about reading our powerful mainfestation quotes right here?

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